Institutional Research

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Rush University Annual Report

Rush University makes available to the public information regarding our student body. The Office of Institutional Effectiveness has created an Annual Report, which includes official enrollment, demographics, degrees awarded, graduation rates, retention rates, licensure/certification rates, and employment rates. It also includes information on faculty, financial aid, residents, community engagement, and grants/research.

Enrollment At-A-Glance

The Office of Institutional Effectiveness has created Enrollment At-A-Glance report, which includes official enrollment, new students enrollment and degrees awarded.

Fact books

Rush University Fact Book includes demographics, enrollment, degrees awarded, graduation rates, retention rates, and licensure/certification rates.

Institutional survey summary reports

The Office of Institutional Effectiveness surveys students about various aspects of their educational experience. Surveys include evaluation of academic programs, assessing the institutional climate and satisfaction of student services. 

External resources