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Simulation Videos

Step inside the RUSH Center for Clinical Skills and Simulation for a look at how this world-class simulation program is improving the quality and safety of patient care in Chicago and beyond.

What is the RUSH Sim Center?

Situated in a 20,000-square-foot facility on Chicago's RUSH University campus, the RUSH Center for Clinical Skills and Simulation runs healthcare simulation programs for interprofessional healthcare teams and individual practitioners across all disciplines and skill levels.


SRNA Simulation at the RUSH Sim Center

Students from RUSH University's Cardiovascular Perfusion and Nurse Anesthesia programs simulate anesthetic induction and cardiac bypass procedures.


Standardized Patients at the RUSH Sim Center

The Standardized Patient Program develops cases and provides trained actors to roleplay relevant health care scenarios, enabling learners at the Sim Center to practice clinical skills.


DART Simulations at the RUSH Sim Center

Taught by the RUSH Critical Care Outreach Team and nursing staff, Decompensation, Assessment, Recognition and Treatment (DART) workshops prepare med-surg and IMCU nurses for rapid-response scenarios.