Rush Medical College

Rush Medical College Dean Ranga Krishnan

Throughout its long history, Rush Medical College has made major contributions to medical science and education.

Rush Medical College faculty member workingwith students

Learn about the educational mission of Rush Medical College departments and their role in training tomorrow’s health care leaders.

Doctor of Medicine Program

Rush Medical College offers a hands-on training experience in a state-of-the-art medical center under the guidance of acclaimed clinician educators.

Rush Medical College Research

Rush Medical College faculty and students conduct research that furthers the understanding of diseases and leads to more effective treatments. 

Community Service

Rush Medical College students continue to give back to our surrounding communities and make a difference in the lives of others.

Rush Summer Research Scholar participant working in a lab

2020 Rush Summer Research Scholars Program

Spend six weeks at Rush Medical College working on clinical, community or translational research projects. Applications are being accepted until February 15, 2020.
One of the first medical colleges founded in the Midwest, Rush Medical College continues to prepare tomorrow’s leaders in medicine in the classroom, the lab and the clinic.
Rush Medical College students in class

Flipping the script

Rush Medical College’s curriculum prepares the doctors of tomorrow with an emphasis on team-based exercises tailored to the way today’s students learn.

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Doctor speaking to smiling child

‘Experience the Art of Medicine, as Well as the Science’

Rush Medical College students interact with patients in a world-class medical center, as well as play roles in research and community service. Learn how you can pursue your calling in medicine at Rush.

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Rush Medical College student Chris Green

A Passion for Service

In his four years at Rush Medical College, Chris Green has played a role in community service efforts helping underserved populations.

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