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Department of Anatomy & Cell Biology

The Department of Anatomy & Cell Biology is committed to fulfilling our threefold mission of education, research, and service through innovation, collaboration and teaching excellence. ACB is the home department for the Joint Health NIH T32 training grant.

We have a strong devotion to educating the physicians, researchers and health professionals of tomorrow. Our faculty are responsible for overseeing and delivering curricula in the anatomical sciences, which includes gross anatomy, histology, embryology and neuroscience. The human anatomy laboratory is a hallmark of the department that offers hands-on experiential learning ― a timeless mode of instruction fundamental to the training of the health professions.

Our award-winning faculty conduct basic biomedical research primarily in the areas of bone and cartilage biology, regenerative medicine, orthopedics, bone cancer, biomechanics and osteoarthritis. Our laboratories support a variety of projects ranging in scope from cell and tissue culture work to experimental surgery and studies on biomechanics and gait. Interdisciplinary research is an integral component of the institutional culture as evidenced by close ties between our department and faculty in orthopedics, biochemistry and rheumatology.

We also participate in a variety of institutional and community service projects, including promoting science education throughout the Chicago metropolitan area.

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