Research at Rush University

Research is thriving at Rush University. We’re invested in clinical, basic science and community-based research to advance our understanding of how diseases work and how best to treat them, which can improve care for patients at Rush and around the globe.

Here you can learn more about research efforts across Rush: our laboratories and collaborations, facilities and services, and technologies for licensing.


Institute for Translational Medicine

Rush partners with the University of Chicago and other local hospital systems to help drive research breakthroughs and bring those discoveries into the real world to improve health.

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Every day Rush University researchers are working to fight disease and improve health outcomes.

Scientists speaking in a lab

We embrace collaboration among our departments, as well as with other institutions and organizations.

Scientist using a microscope

Our robust core facilities are available to faculty and offer opportunities for researchers outside Rush.

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We support faculty to propose studies, seek funding, negotiate contracts, secure patents and licensing, and much more.

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We provide a wide range of services to researchers and research sponsors.

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Rush University helps connect faculty inventors to those interested in using their technologies.

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We promote a culture of high-quality research, compliance and research integrity.

Rush University is embarking on an exciting new phase of our research enterprise.

Amanda Persons in the lab

Researcher Has Mind Set on Advancing Education

Amanda Persons, PhD, applies research insights to teaching students to treat substance abuse.


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Chien-Ching Li, PhD, MPH

A Breath of Fresh Air in Lung Cancer Research

Chien-Ching Li, PhD, MPH, studies how minorities in the U.S. understand their health, health challenges and the health care system, with a special interest in lung cancer prevention.


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Lauren Little, PhD

Meeting Autism in the Middle

Lauren Little, PhD, develops occupational therapy programs to help autistic children while considering the circumstances of their families.


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