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Our Repository

CIMCR freezer farm

The center will provide biospecimens to alcohol researchers obtained from standardized experimental manipulations and assessments in humans and rodents. Details about these standardized protocols are found below, and additional information can be obtained by contacting our team.

Samples are housed in our CIMCR freezer farm, which consists of 15 -80⁰C freezers that are tracked using Freezerworks Unlimited Inventory System. Currently, our repository contains more than 500,000 human and rodent samples.

Human models

Samples have been collected from healthy adults working either a normal day shift or a night work shift schedule with or without chronic alcohol or an alcohol binge as well as sober alcoholics.

• Serum/Plasma • PBMC • Urine •

Rodent models

Samples have been collected from mice with or without central, peripheral, and genetic circadian rhythm disruption with or without alcohol consumption.

• Serum • Brain • Kidney • Heart • Lung • Liver • Spleen • Intestine • Bone •

• Bone marrow • Fat • Testes • Urine • Stool •