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Body Donation

The Anatomical Gift Association of Illinois receives, prepares, preserves and distributes human remains for the purpose of medical education and research to institutions throughout Illinois, including Rush University Medical Center.

Individuals interested in donating their own body or the body of a loved one after death to the medical sciences can follow these steps:

  • Either download the AGA donation form or contact the AGA at (312) 733-5283 for a copy of the form
    • Complete the form
    • Have two non-family member witnesses sign the form or have it notarized
    • Make a copy for your records
    • Mail the original to the AGA at the address on the form
  • Review the educational material
  • Share the decision to donate with family, loved ones, next of kin and/or estate executor
  • Carry the donor card

More information can be found at the AGA website.

Annual Rush University Memorial Service

Each year Rush medical students organize and hold a memorial service to publically recognize and pay tribute to all of the donors that played a significant role in furthering their own education. Typically the service is opened by the head of the Department of Religion and Health followed by invited faculty member presentations. During the reading of names, students place a single rose at a memorial to acknowledge the gift of each individual donor. The remainder of the service consists of music, poetry and other forms of reflection selected by and performed by the students. This service is attended by all students involved in the course and a number of faculty members from Rush community.