Section of Anatomy Education

A Community of Educators

The Section of Anatomy Education within the Department of Anatomy & Cell Biology is a community of educators who teach the anatomical sciences (gross anatomy, histology, embryology, and neuroscience). The Section of Anatomy Education meets monthly for faculty development, to plan for current/upcoming courses/programs, and to discuss hot topics in the field of anatomical sciences education. Faculty educators within this section teach a variety of student populations across all four Rush University colleges (Rush Medical College, College of Nursing, College of Health Sciences, and Graduate College). The majority of gross anatomy teaching occurs within the Human Anatomy Laboratory.

Teaching Responsibilities

For information about the teaching services offered through the Section of Anatomy Education, please contact the section director, Adam Wilson, PhD ( to learn more.

College of Health Sciences

College of Health Sciences

Course Number Course Title Term Credits
AUD 602 Anatomy and Physiology of the Auditory System Fall 1
HSC 360 (Undergraduate) Human Anatomy with Lab Fall 4
OCC 504L Occupational Therapy Functional Anatomy with Lab Fall 2
PHA 511 Human Anatomy for Physician Assistants Summer 5
SLP 537L (Speech Language Pathology) Anatomy Lab Fall 1
College of Nursing

College of Nursing

Course Number Course Title Term Credits
ANA 500 Neuroscience for Basic and Clinical Applications Fall 2
NSG 525L Health Assessment Across the Lifespan (Anatomy Lab) Fall & Spring NA
FNP Program Family Nurse Practitioner Program Spring NA
Graduate College

Graduate College*

Course Number Course Title Term Credits
BMC 506 Human Movement and Kinematics Spring 1
GCC 650 Neuroscience for Basic and Clinical Applications Fall 2

*Anatomy education section faculty also teach advanced topics courses with the graduate college.

Rush Medical College

Rush Medical College

Course Number Course Title Term Credits
RMD 560 Foundations of Medical Practice Fall NA
RMD 561 Host Defense and Host Response Fall NA
RMD 563 Food to Fuel Spring NA
RMD 564 Movement and Mechanics Spring NA
RMD 565 Brain, Behavior, and Cognition Summer NA
RMD 566 Sexuality and Reproduction Fall NA
RMD 567 Growth, Development, and Life Cycle Fall NA
RMD 568 Hematology and Oncology Fall NA
RMD 569 Complex Cases and Transition to Clerkships Spring NA
RMD 574 Vital Fluids Fall NA
RMD 575 Vital Gases Spring NA

Educational Research/Scholarship

Featured research

Roach V, Mi M, Mussell J, Van Nuland S, Lufler RS, DeVeau K, Dunham SM, Husmann P, Herriot H, Edwards D, Doubleday AF, Wilson BM, and Wilson AB. Correlating spatial ability with anatomy assessment performance: A meta-analysis. Anatomical Sciences Education. 2021.

Wilson AB, Kaza N, Singpurwalla DJ, Brook WS. Are anatomy PhDs nearing extinction or adapting to change? United States graduate education trends in the anatomical sciences. Anatomical Sciences Education. 2020.


Monthly faculty of the anatomy education section also partake in Ed-PRIME (Educators Pursuing Research in Medical Education). The Ed-PRIME group is comprised of administrators, course directors, and education minded faculty with a collective interest in medical education research. During Ed-PRIME meetings, journal club articles are shared, project ideas are developed, and research presentations are practiced.

National Organization Involvement

  • American Association for Anatomy
  • American Association of Clinical Anatomists
  • International Association of Medical Science Educators
  • Central Group of Educational Affairs of the AAMC

Section Faculty

Faculty Area of Teaching Concentration
Kristin Al-Ghoul, PhD Histology
Amy Beresheim, PhD Gross Anatomy
Christopher Ferrigno, PhD, MPT Gross Anatomy, Neuroanatomy, Kinesiology
Robert Leven, PhD Gross Anatomy, Histology
Jeff Nelson, MD Gross Anatomy
Joanne O’Keefe, PhD Neuroanatomy
Jitesh Pratap, PhD Histology
James M. Williams, PhD Gross Anatomy

Adam B. Wilson, PhD
Director of Anatomy Education

Gross Anatomy
Brittany Wilson, PhD Gross Anatomy

Cadaver Memorial Service: Highlights

“May the Road Rise to Meet You” by Abbey Carlson.  In Memory of Our Donors (Rush University 2020)

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