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Rush University Medical Center’s Emergency Department (ED) is a busy clinical practice that treats approximately 70,000 patients per year. The patients represent a diverse population from the city of Chicago as well as the wider Chicago metro market. Due to the size of the department, it has become a primary training site for medical students and residents from a wide range of specialties.  

The Rush ED is located about one-half mile from the county’s public teaching hospital, John H. Stroger Jr. Hospital of Cook County. Because of our close proximity and shared missions, our two hospitals have formed a combined academic Department of Emergency Medicine. While each hospital has its own clinical emergency department, we share faculty and resources to the benefit of our students, residents, researchers and patients.

The Rush and Stroger Hospital EDs serve vital but distinct regional roles, giving medical students and residents a wide range of trauma and emergency care experience. The ED at Stroger Hospital is the busiest in Chicago and one of the largest Level 1 trauma hospitals in the United States. Rush’s ED provides comprehensive medical services to adults, children and infants — while also serving as the Chicago area’s emergency response center also known as the McCormick Foundation Center for Advanced Emergency Response. This state-of-the-art facility is specially equipped for large-scale health emergencies, such as a mass outbreak of a infectious disease or a terrorist attack.

Many of the faculty within the Department of Emergency Medicine are also engaged in research aimed at improving patient care and emergency preparedness. Researchers at Rush developed GUARDIAN, a real-time, automated, infectious agent detection and diagnosis system that is also programmed to improve hospital efficiency and patient throughput.

While Cook County Hospital has a well-established emergency medicine residency of the same name, Rush University Medical Center is also applying to start its own emergency medicine residency training program.

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