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The research community is thriving at Rush, and you can jump in as soon as you arrive on campus as first-year student.

We conduct basic science, translational, clinical, medical education and community-based research that spans the entire health care field.

You will help us learn how diseases work and how to best treat them, which can improve health care for patients at RUSH and around the globe.

There are several research opportunities designed specifically for RUSH Medical College students:

M1 elective

The Basic Biomedical Research first-year elective introduces you to the theory and practice of various types of research in a clinical setting. Students will have a mentored research experience, learn and practice critically evaluating medical literature, create a research proposal and present their research.

Summer Research Fellowship

The Summer Research Fellowship is a paid summer research opportunity offered on a competitive basis between the first and second preclerkship years.

To apply for the fellowship, you must identify a faculty mentor and prepare a written proposal modeled after a National Institutes of Health training grant.

We funded 100% of applicants last year. Accepted students are provided with a summer stipend to conduct their research.

M4 research elective

During your fourth year, you have the option to take a research elective in a specialty of your choice.

You work with a faculty mentor to investigate a specific research question. You develop a research plan that includes a hypothesis, study design, timeline and outline of your role in the project.

Finding the right opportunity

At RUSH, students have ample opportunities to explore questions that address some of the biggest health challenges facing our world today.

The Medical Student Affairs team and faculty work with you to identify research opportunities to help your career and professional development.