Early Decision Program

The RMC Early Decision Program (EDP) allows prospective MD students to expedite the application process by selecting RMC as their top choice medical school.

To Apply:

  • Select Early Decision (ED) as the Program Type on AMCAS.
  • Select Rush Medical College as your only school choice on AMCAS. If you select more than one school, your application program type automatically changes to Regular MD Program instead of Early Decision.
  • Submit your AMCAS application as ED and all additional required materials (Secondary Application, Letters of Recommendation, MCAT & Casper scores) by August 1 (11:59 CT). 


  • Early Decision applicants invited to interview will attend the first virtual interview day in September. 


  • Early Decision applicants will either be Accepted to the entering class or Deferred to the Regular Pool for future consideration.
  • All decisions will be made no later than October 1.

Applicants accepted in the Early Decision Program are committed to attend Rush Medical College and will not be able to apply to other medical schools.

To learn more about Early Decision Programs, please visit the AMCAS website.