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The Department of Physiology & Biophysics consists of world-class scientists and teachers. We are dedicated to excellence in research, training and education as we push the frontiers of scientific discovery. Join us in the joy of discovery.

We take pride in training medical, nursing and graduate students who will implement and fulfill that future. Our department provides a warm, collegial, and welcoming environment for budding scientists and established investigators alike. We work side by side investigating the physiological processes that underlie both normal and pathological human body functions.

Our internationally recognized research applies innovative experimental approaches to define fundamental molecular mechanisms within these processes as both putative points of pathological failure and potential targets for new therapeutic interventions.

Faculty News
Thomas DeCoursey, PhD, Vladimir Cherny, PhD, Deri Morgan, PhD, and collaborators from Georgia recently identified the first proton channel gene from a snail.  Read more…
Tom Shannon, PhD
Faculty Accomplishments
Thomas Shannon, DVM, PhD, associate professor, received a Brainard Award for teaching excellence in 2017.
Yuriana Aguilar, PhD
Faculty News
Yuriana Aguilar, PhD is Following Her DREAM.
Brought to the U.S. as an undocumented immigrant when she was five, Yuriana earned a PhD and became a heart researcher – and an unexpected spokesperson for other immigrants…
Learn More
Tom Shannon, PhD
Faculty Accomplishments
Thomas Shannon, DVM, PhD, associate professor, recently received a SCORE Positive Learning Environment Award and a Brainard Award for teaching excellence in 2016.
Robert S. Eisenberg, PhD
Faculty News
Life Glimpsed through Ion Channels A Super Short Scientific Biography
In this installment of the American Physiological Society (APS) Living History of Physiology series, Robert S. Eisenberg, PhD, discusses how he became interested in science, his most significant contributions to physiology and his most influential career mentors. He also offers advice to students starting out in science today. Dr. Eisenberg was interviewed by Martin Frank, PhD, at Rush Medical College in Chicago. For more information on Dr. Eisenberg, please see his Living History page:

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