About Rush Medical College

Rush Medical College, located in Chicago, offers medical students a supportive environment where they can gain in-depth clinical experience from our renowned practitioner-teachers. Founded in 1837, Rush has an acclaimed history as one of the first medical colleges in the Midwest and continues to make major contributions to medical science and education through research and clinical trials.

Because the college is located in the Illinois Medical District, which includes the John H. Stroger, Jr. Hospital of Cook County, and is on the same campus as Rush University Medical Center, a nationally and internationally known academic health center and health system, our students serve a diverse population of patients from across Chicago and beyond. Our students pride themselves in making a difference — putting in extra hours to volunteer in numerous service opportunities aimed at helping the underinsured and noninsured in our own community.

Students service more than 10,000 community members annually through programs aimed at improving health care access, enhancing health education and promotion, and building a pipeline of future health care professionals.


Through a supportive and dynamic learning community, Rush Medical College nurtures the development of empathic, proficient physicians dedicated to continuous learning, innovation, and excellence in clinical practice, education, research and service.


Rush Medical College will be the global leader in student-centered, future-oriented medical education.

About our students

Approximately 130 students graduate from Rush Medical College each year to enter a diverse range of primary care and specialty fields.

2017 Rush Medical College total enrollment 

Year Male Female Total
M1 79 59 138
M2 63 66 129
M3 69 64 133
M4 49 66 115
Total enrollment 260 255 515

Enrollment data for 2018 will be available with the release of the 2018 Fall Census data in September.

2018 entering class profile

Primary applications received 9,099
Completed applications 6,184
Number of interviews 449
    Illinois residents 101
    Out-of-state residents 348
Number of 2018 matriculants 144
    Female 74
    Male 70
Number of states of residence of matriculants 30
Number of undergraduate institutions of matriculants 77
Average science GPA, four-point scale 3.6
Average cummulative GPA, four-point scale 3.7
Average MCAT15 composite 510
Average number of community service hours 1,136
Average number of healthcare exposure hours 2,603

Our Teams:

Acting Dean, Rush Medical College
Senior Associate Dean, Education
Judith Busse
Special Events Manager
Joy Foreman
Administrative Manager
Stephanie Healey
Marketing Manager
Tenisha Simmons Financial Operations Manager
Denice White Administrative Assistant


Cynthia Boyd, MD

Associate Dean, Admissions and Recruitment

Senior Associate Dean, Diversity and Inclusion

Jill Volk, MSEd

Director, Admissions and Recruitment

Director, Diversity and Inclusion, Outreach and Recruitment

Alyssa Cannataro Assistant Director, Admissions and Recruitment
Ed Miranda, MPA Outreach Manager
Scott Kinard Admissions Counselor and Data Analyst
Rahul Patwari, MD Associate Dean, Curriculum
Assistant Dean, Pre-Clerkship Education
Aimee Szewka, MD Assistant Dean, Clerkship Education
Assistant Dean, Accreditation and Continuous Program Improvement
Director, Clinical Communcation Skills Training & Research
Susan Glick, MD Director, Early Clinical Experience
Mark Grichanik, PhD
Director, Educational Assessment
Jan Schmidt
Assistant Director, Clinical Curriculum
Anne Carroll Manager, Program Evaluation
Agata Czowicka Coordinator, Pre-Clerkship Education
Marcie Gilliland Manager, Behavioral Assessment
Tamara Green Coordinator, M3 Education
Carolina Leanos Coordinator, Academic Progress
Danesha Lewis Coordinator, Education
Jasmine Moore Coordinator, Pre-Clerkship Curriculum
Michelle Simek Coordinator, Assessment & Evaluation
Daniela Pasnick Coordinator, Education
Kelly Stapleton Coordinator, Assessment & Evaluation
Janice Tonietto
Coordinator, M2 Education
Medical Student Affairs
Jay Behel, PhD Associate Dean, Medical Student Affairs
Laurel Cherian, MD, MS Assistant Dean, Advising
Christine Corral, PhD Director, Student Professional Development
Dijana Demirovic, MEd Manager, Student Support Services
Victoria Hernandez Coordinator, Student Affairs


Bill Fleming, MSIS, MS Director, Medical Student Systems
Owen Yuen Database Analyst

Rush Medical College is fully accredited through the Liaison Committee on Medical Education (LCME).
Rush Medical College is part of Rush University, which is accredited by the Higher Learning Commission (HLC).

Admissions Contact

Rush Medical College
Armour Academic Center
600 S. Paulina St., Suite 403
Chicago, IL 60612
Email: rmc_admissions@rush.edu