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Rush Advanced Trauma Training Program

Rush Advance Trauma Training Program

The Advanced Trauma Training Program, or ATTP, is conducted primarily by board-certified emergency room attending physicians of the Department of Emergency Medicine of Rush University. The overall objectives of the Rush ATTP are to provide medical response members with state-of-the-art knowledge and hands-on skills required to provide advanced acute management for trauma patients in a combat environment and in the event of a domestic incident.

Rush University has trained and certified nearly 5,000 civilian first responders, flight surgeons, physician assistants, nurses, respiratory therapists, Army medics, Air Force aerospace medical technicians, and Navy corpsmen in advanced trauma procedures, as well as providing workforce-enhancing and nationally sanctioned medical certifications for our nation’s veterans.

Designed for currently serving military members, civilians and former military/veteran health care providers, the Rush ATTP is presented by some of the nation’s leading authorities in emergency medicine and other disciplines such as traumatic brain injury, behavioral health, and chemical, biological, radiological, nuclear, and explosive, or CBRNE, incident management.

The program features interactive seminar lectures and dynamic exercises designed to train health care providers with varied backgrounds, levels of training, and skill sets to mitigate the existing gaps between individual medical providers’ capacities to provide the correct pre-hospital trauma life support interventions at the correct time in the continuum of combat trauma care and/or catastrophic critical event care.

It is our intention to provide battlefield military health care providers and medics and first responders with the tools required to reduce mortality and improve the quality of life of the survivors.

Dino P. Rumoro, DO, MPH, FACEP
Former Chairperson, Department of Emergency Medicine


  • To provide a comprehensive program that will reduce battlefield mortality rates and, if possible, permanent disabilities and/or loss of quality of life during the pre-hospital life support phase
  • To exceed industry standards in providing advanced trauma resuscitation and stabilization skills utilizing both didactic and hands-on practical training modalities to equip military and civilian health care professionals with the knowledge and skills necessary to make them a more effective force in initial triage, patient assessment and treatment of battlefield trauma
  • To enhance military/civilian health care providers' ability to identify, treat, and stabilize wounded warriors/patients prior to their transport to forward surgical teams, combat support hospitals, or area medical facilities in order to greatly enhance the chances of the wounded surviving their initial injuries
  • To equip health care providers with the necessary tools to identify and manage traumatic brain injury and post-traumatic stress disorder
  • To provide a cost effective, mission-focused and results driven advanced trauma training program

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For course dates, current course fees and registration information, or if units or commands want to contract for Rush Training Services under the provisions of the Federal Acquisition Regulations, please contact:

Col. (Ret.) Dave Leckrone
Rush Military Program Liaison/Consultant
Cell phone: (217) 652-6368