Laboratory of Xun Ai, MD

Our research is focused on understanding the mechanisms of cardiac arrhythmias, especially atrial fibrillation, or AF, in the aging heart per se and in the aged heart with co-existing cardiovascular diseases.

Our work

We recently discovered that c-jun N terminal kinase, or JNK, plays a critical role in atrial gap junctional remodeling and atrial arrhythmia development in aged atria. With grant support from the NIH and American Heart Association, we are conducting exciting research that will substantially increase our understanding of JNK signaling as a critical contributor to arrhythmia development in aged atria. Our current research focus will help us to achieve our long-term goal to further understand the relationship between aging and co-existing cardiovascular disease in the development of AF and, ultimately, to develop novel and effective therapeutic strategies for AF prevention and treatment in the elderly.

In addition to our expertise on molecular biochemistry techniques, we have established many leading-edge electrophysiological techniques, including the following:

  1. Optical mapping calcium transients, or Ca, and action potentials, or AP, simultaneously in intact hearts
  2. Using two-photon microscopy to obtain super-resolution images of Ca / AP and define myocardial and interstitial matrix structure in the same intact hearts,
  3. In vivo/ex vivo cardiac arrhythmia induction.
  4. Measuring intercellular resistivity using a novel four-electrode microimpedance technique in intact hearts.

Dr. Xun Ai Lab

Dr. Xun Ai Lab


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Select publications

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Fahrenbach J, Ai X, Banach K. Decreased intercellular coupling improves the function of cardiac pacemakers derived from mouse embryonic stem cells. J  Mole Cell Cardiol 2008;45(5):642-9. PMID:18817780

Additional publications

A more complete listing of Ai’s published work can be found on PubMed.

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Current grants

  • NIH R01-HL146744-01 “Heart-platelet crosstalk: JNK, AF, and thrombogenesis” 05/15/19-02/28/23.  Role: PI
  • NIH R01-AA024769-01A1: “The Stress Response Kinase JNK and Alcohol Evoked Atrial Fibrillation.”  04/15/17-03/31/22.  Role: PI
  • NIH R01: Research minority supplemental grant affiliated to the parent grant “The Stress Response Kinase JNK and Alcohol Evoked Atrial Fibrillation.”  04/01/18-08/31/20.  Role: PI
  • NIH R01-HL062426-17: “Integrated Mechanisms of Cardiac Maladaptation.”  06/01/16-05/31/21.  PI: Dr. Solaro.  Role: Core Leader
  • NIH R01-HL113640-04: “JNK Suppression of Connexin43 Enhances Atrial Fibrillation in Aged Atria.”  07/03/12-07/31/18.  Role: PI

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Our team

Xun Ai, MD, professor
Dan Bare, PhD, instructor
Jasson Barrios, research assistant
Elena Carrillo, research assistant
Jaime DeSantiago, MD, PhD, instructor
Jiajie Yan, PhD, postdoctoral fellow
Mei Yang, research assistant
Weiwei Zhao, BA, research assistant

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Xun Ai, MD

Rush University
Department of Physiology & Biophysics
Jelke Building
1750 W. Harrison St., Room 1255
Chicago, IL 60612

Phone: (312) 563-1128
Fax: (312) 942-8711

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