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Successful healthcare leaders need to employ a Whole Brain-based LeadershipTM approach, optimally integrating theory, clinical skills, business competencies, and interpersonal skills to guide their teams and organization to success. Extensive research details the most critical skills for healthcare leaders:

  • Communication

  • Strategic decision-making

  • Self and other awareness

  • Developing high-performance teams

  • Excellence in patient care and outcomes


CILL designs and delivers innovative leadership development programs that directly address critical healthcare leadership challenges. CILL programs integrate business and human aspects of leadership, are rooted in real-world healthcare scenarios, and are founded on core-values that increase leadership effectiveness, individual and team motivation and engagement, and exceptional patient outcomes.

Grow your leadership skills.
Gain an edge in a competitive marketplace.

Signature Programs
Immersive Leadership Retreats

Fosters the essential skills today’s leaders need for meeting the complex needs of organizations, employees, and patients, in order to lead during the “Next Normal.”

Resilient Leadership Retreat

Provides research-based strategies for leading and thriving in times of change. Participants will develop critical skills to foster strength, resilience, and positive change.

Interprofessional Leadership

Provides practical, state-of-the-art, research-based skills to empower leaders to increase their effectiveness, drive results, and build high impact teams, especially in times of change.

Hear From Our Participants

"This was so very informative! As a new leader, I compared myself to leaders I’d been exposed to in the past and when I didn’t look like them, I self-identified as a 'bad' leader. This session has taught me that not every leader looks the same and that we all have different strengths. THANK YOU."

Tesheena R. Horn
Supervisor, RUSH Hospital and Physician Billing and Collections

"This was an extremely valuable course full of content and skills that are not included in under or postgraduate training, but are so critical for success in any professional setting."

Allison Wainer, PhD
Assistant Professor, RUSH Medical College

"Information from each category: Cultivating self-compassion, Thriving through flexibility, Advanced Listening, Post Traumatic Growth, Restorative Justice, and Reflective Narratives, has made an overall improvement in my leadership skills. I only hope to keep sharpening my skills with time and practice."

Carla Ordaz, RN, BSN

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