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Resources for Working at RUSH


ACLS, BLS, PALS Certification

House staff can renew their ACLS, BLS, and PALS certification through the RUSH Training Center. Find training dates and register for courses in the Learning Hub (login required).

Adverse Event Reporting/TRIPSS

TRIPSS (Track Risks, Incidents, Performance and Safety across the System) is a portal for logging safety events and near misses. Contact if you have questions.

Computer access

You may use hospital computers in several areas 24/7 with the password assigned to you by RUSH Information Services. Public computers at RUSH are located in the following places:

  • McCormick Educational Technology Center (METC)
  • House staff lounge
  • Most departmental offices

You may also access RUSH email, library and medical records from home using the Duo two-factor authentication use for RUSH Remote Access. Instructions are available on Inside RUSH (RUSH login required).

Email the IS Help Desk for support or call (312) 942-HELP. Contact the METC in 919 Armour Academic Center at (312) 942-6799.

Corporate compliance

Residents must ensure compliance in emergency preparedness, fire safety and infection control, among other areas. Annual updates are required and must be completed using the Learning Hub. Renewal notifications are sent via email and require immediate response. Failure to comply will result in removal from service. Contact RUSH Corporate Compliance with any questions at 707 S. Wood St., Suite 317 or call (312) 942-5303.


All house staff will be assigned RUSH email accounts. You must review your email at least twice weekly, as this is the primary method of communication from GME, the House Staff Association and your department. Email may be accessed outside of RUSH through a Web browser.

Email the IS Help Desk or call (312) 942-HELP with any questions.

Employee ID number

Employee IDs are unique six-digit numbers beginning with the last two digits of your first year of employment at RUSH. Appearing on your RUSH ID badge and your letter of appointment, the number is your password for online training and will be used as an identifier at other times.

Contact the GME office for more information, 403 Armour Academic Center, (312) 942-5495.


The Epic electronic medical record system facilitates seamless and efficient coordination of patient health information by integrating clinical and financial systems. Clinicians can quickly review patient medications and vital signs, enter orders and access patient lab results. The system also provides clinical and safety best practices for better patient outcomes. All house staff are required to attend Epic training before gaining access to the system. See also Medical Records.

For more information, email the Help Desk or call (312) 563-EPIC.

ID badges

All employees must wear their photo ID badges visible and above the waist at all times in the medical center. Please remember to remove your badge when turning in soiled lab coats or scrubs. Take the badge home at night. You will need your ID badge to enter the medical center. Replacement ID badges cost $25.

Contact RUSH Security at (312) 947-0005.

Employee Health Services – Injuries, Needle Sticks, and Workers Compensation

If you are injured at RUSH, report to the Emergency Department and follow up with Employee Health Services to report the injury.

If you are injured when at an off-site rotation, seek immediate treatment at the off-site location’s emergency department. House officers may not do their own labs per workers compensation requirements. As soon as possible, report for follow-up to RUSH’s Employee Health Services office. Bills received for RUSH or off-site emergency visits should be taken immediately to RUSH Employee Health Services for payment.

Worker’s compensation coverage is provided under Illinois laws for protection against employment-related accidents or illnesses.

For questions or to file a report, contact RUSH Employee Health Services, 475 Atrium Building, (312) 942-5878.


Foreign and sign language interpreters are available 24/7. Please make requests as far in advance as possible.

Monday – Friday: 6:30 a.m. to 8 p.m.
Saturday/Sunday/Holidays: 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

To schedule and interpreter, contact (312) 563-2987. After hours, call (312) 563-7555.

Lab coats and scrubs

Scrubs and white lab coats are issued at no cost. Lab coat maintenance is your responsibility. To obtain scrubs, you will be issued an access code and pin. The Scrub-Ex machine for exchanging scrubs is located by the medical staff lounge, Armour Academic Center, fourth floor and in the locker rooms. Your program coordinator will issue your access pin and code for the Scrub-Ex machine.

Contact GME, 403 Armour Academic Building, (312) 942-5495.

Malpractice insurance

Residents and Fellows employed by RUSH University Medical Center are covered under RUSH University Medical Center’s (“RUMC”) Coverage Plan. The coverage plan is occurrence based with limits of coverage as follows:  $1,000,000 per occurrence and $3,000,000 aggregate. Professional liability coverage applies for all employed residents and fellows acting within his/her duty and scope of employment. The dates of coverage align with the dates of employment at RUMC. Contact RUSH Risk Management, (312) 942-7828.

You may obtain proof of malpractice insurance through the RUSH Office of Risk Management, (312) 942-7828.


RUSH’s web-based residency management system helps track and document a variety of program and house staff activities, including demographics, scheduling, calendars, absences, curriculum, evaluations, duty hours, procedures, and other critical routines. Use MedHub according to your program’s guidelines for improved communication, information flow and reporting. All GME policies and many helpful forms and instructions are posted in the MedHub Resources/Documents section

Contact Jennifer Hayes, (312) 942-2729, or your program coordinator.

Medical records

Residents must complete timely dictations in accordance with Joint Commission mandates; state and federal agency requirement; RUSH medical staff policies and procedures, rules and regulations; and the by-laws of RUSH University Medical Center.

  • Day of procedure: Dictate all operative reports.
  • Prior to patient discharge: Complete all discharge summaries.
  • Prior to leaving for vacation or away rotations: Complete all dictations.
  • At year-end: Complete all dictations to advance or graduate.

The RUSH Health Information Management Satellite Office is open Monday – Friday, 6:30 a.m. to 6:30 p.m.

Contact HIM at (312) 942-3243.


All RUSH house staff are issued RUSH pagers.

  • To use from a RUSH phone: Page number 85, then follow prompts for 4-digit pager number, then return phone number (last 5 digits if in-house).
  • To use outside the medical center: Pager number is 312-942-6000.
  • E-paging, (text messaging) is available via any RUSH computer. Each message limit is 248 characters.

A replacement pager will be issued at no cost. Contact RUSH Telecommunications, Triangle Office Building, 1700 W. Van Buren St., Suite 075, (312) 942-5650.

Physician ID numbers

RUSH house and medical staff are issued unique five-digit physician ID numbers to be used when dictating medical records and as an extension when using the medical center’s DEA number. This number differs from the six-digit employee ID number.

Contact GME, 403 Armour Academic Building, (312) 942-5495.

Verification of earnings

Third-party verifications of salary and earnings are available for mortgage/loan or other purposes. Use your Social Security number for identification, RUSH’s company code of 10421 and your 8-digit PIN number (comprised of your birth month, birth year and last four digits of your Social Security number).

Contact Talx Inc. Employment Verification Service, (800) 367-5690.

W-2 forms

RUSH offers electronic delivery of W-2s. You may access your W-2 online if you have enrolled in electronic delivery of payroll information including W-2s and pay stubs. Enroll in online access.

W-4 forms

You may change the number of deductions for both federal and state taxes via LINK any time during the year.

Contact GME, 403 Armour Academic Building, (312) 942-5495