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Mission and Vision


The mission of the Rush Otolaryngology Residency Program is to do the following:

  1. Train skilled, proficient and resilient head and neck surgeons who can confidently provide care to patients in diverse treatment settings
  2. Educate residents utilizing innovative techniques focusing on individualized learning, inter-professional teamwork and accountability
  3. Transform the traditional postgraduate educational experience to include opportunities for the development of residents' professional and academic talents aligned with long-term goals
  4. Empower and inspire residents to be more than learners, but rather partners in our efforts to improve the health of the communities we serve and develop solutions to the diverse challenges we face in medicine as an integrated global partner


The Rush Otolaryngology Residency Program will be a leader in employing innovative and individualized training to produce physicians who will do the following:
  1. Be prepared to thrive in their chosen professional domain
  2. Be active partners in addressing the challenges that face the practice of medicine now and in the future
  3. Become future leaders in otolaryngology-head and neck surgery