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Why Rush EM?

Faculty-Led Teaching & Mentorship

Nationally recognized faculty lead hands-on training to small teams with low resident-to-faculty ratios. These teams are supportive yet rigorous and provide a level of autonomy that ensures residents excel clinically and gain confidence as practitioners, while receiving expert guidance. Our residents are paired with faculty mentors to ensure their personal growth and academic success. Residents also have individualized mentorship with residency faculty who assist with both career development and development of their scholarly work. Selectives can be scheduled in such a way to maximize residents' exposure to subspecialities in Emergency Medicine, and to facilitate their career advancement, whether they plan to enter fellowship, academic EM, or community practice.

Cohesive, Integrated Teams

The RUSH Emergency Department is optimized for patient care, decreasing unnecessary stressors and is supported by highly-trained, high-achieving teams. Systems and schedules are designed to give residents opportunities to develop a professional collegiality that ensures seamless transitions between shifts. While on shift, residents are scheduled directly with an attending to facilitate feedback and on-shift learning. The RUSH Emergency Department serves as each resident’s home base, fostering cohesion and community.

Adaptive Curriculum

Our program is a direct reflection of RUSH as an institution that is constantly evolving, optimizing, and innovating. We are tech-forward and dynamic, focused on developing world-class physicians and honing our teaching methods. Our established, accredited curriculum demonstrates the breadth of Emergency Medicine, but we seek continuous improvement, and are constantly exploring ways to innovate in our field. Program leadership constantly looks for the highest-yield clinical experiences throughout the Chicago region, and has prioritized rotations that add breadth to your training. 

Resident Ownership

Tremendous importance is placed on incorporating resident input in program and curriculum improvements. From daily feedback sessions with attendings to post-rotation recommendations and resident committees, residents are powerful voices who contribute to shaping, adapting, and evolving the program to ensure excellent training for future Emergency Physicians. Many of the most productive changes to our curriculum are direct results of resident-driven efforts to provide the best overall experience.


Residency is hard, and getting through it takes a lot of support. Our joint resident/faculty wellness committee is active throughout the year, and sponsors regular wellness activities. The month-long orientation in Year 1 is dedicated to team bonding, and includes several days of teambuilding and activities designed to ease the transition to resident life. An annual retreat takes place in the fall and continues the building of peer-support. We actively encourage discussion of difficult situations, and mental health resources are made available to those in crisis. Program faculty and leadership are invested in ensuring the long term success of residents, and seek to develop individualized mentorship to keep residents on track both academically and personally.

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Clinical Diversity

RUSH is a world-class hospital that treats a diverse patient population and provides a dynamic training experience for our residents. Through our partner site rotations, we expose residents to community Emergency Medicine, Level 1 trauma care, and mixed urban settings, ensuring that we serve our community at large and develop clinicians who are comfortable with and adaptive to any emergency setting. Our faculty is one of the most diverse academic Emergency Departments in the country, with strong gender parity and a demographic profile that represents the communities we serve. 

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