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Upcoming Webinars:

  1. LatinX applicants: Tuesday August 16 at 7pm CST

  2. Black applicants: Thursday August 18 at 7pm CST

  3. LGBTQIA+: Tuesday August 23 at 7pm CST

  4. Meet the PD/APDs and Core Faculty: September 8 at 6pm CST

  5. Meet our clinical sites: September 12th at 7pm CST

  6. Meet the residents (Round 2!): September 15th at 7pm CST


Rush EM Recruitment Webinars 2022

  1. Meet the residents (Round 1!): August 11

  2. LatinX applicants: August 16

  3. Black applicants: August 18 

  4. LGBTQIA+: Tuesday August 23 at 7pm CST

  5. Meet our clinical sites: September 12th at 7pm CST

  6. Meet the residents (Round 2!): September 15th at 7pm CST

Rush EM Recruitment Webinars 2021

Webinar 1: Program Welcome - Resident & Leadership Q&A (August 31, 2021)
Webinar 2: An Evening for Applicants Underrepresented in Medicine (safe space conversation omitted) (September 9, 2021)
Webinar 3: LGBTQ+ Applicant Social (safe space conversation omitted) (September 27, 2021)

Rush EM Recruitment Webinars 2020

Webinar 1: Program Structure and Leadership (August 12, 2020)
Webinar 2: Why Rush? (residents only, August 19, 2020)
Webinar 3: Sites, Rotations, Skills (August 26, 2020)
Webinar 4: Did not record, but you can check out a tour including some of our EM residents and some other great Chicago content on the Rush GME website. (September 2, 2020)
Webinar 5: Selection Process and Diversity (September 15, 2020)
Webinar 6: Wellness (September 23, 2020)


Webinar 7: Mentorship, Jobs, Fellowships (October 6, 2020)
Webinar 8: Social and Community Health (October 22, 2020)

We look forward to receiving applications for the 2022-2023 cycle in September!


Rush University Medical Center, located in Chicago’s Illinois Medical District serves a diverse patient population, and our team of professionals reflects this rich diversity. Our department strives to uphold the mission of Rush University by cultivating a community built on principles of equity, inclusion and diversity. Students, faculty, residents, and fellows in our department, including individuals from underrepresented populations, different cultural and religious backgrounds, and those identifying as LGBTQIA, are welcomed, supported, and valued. Emergency Medicine residents at Rush receive an exceptional training experience that prepares them to become leaders in our field.

We recognize that the current Match cycle will be a stressful experience for both students and programs. Please check back here often, as we will be providing several webinars, videos, and panel discussions to let prospective applicants know about Rush Emergency Medicine. The current schedule for our webinars is listed above.

How To Apply for Residents:


Applicants must apply through ERAS. A SLOE is not absolutely required, but should be included if you completed an EM rotation. There is no expectation for more than 1 SLOE letter. USMLE or COMLEX Step 1 scores are required for the initial application and Step 2 scores must be uploaded prior to the rank list submission deadline. Interviews will be held from November through February.  Rush University Medical Center will consider applicants requiring visas as well as those who have previous GME experience. If possible, we will adhere to the Unified Release Date with rolling invitations thereafter. 


Candidates selected to interview will be notified via InterviewBroker on a rolling basis and with rolling waitlist offers thereafter. Interviews will be scheduled from 9am-12pm CMT via Zoom, with additional social events hosted by our residents and by invitation.  Rather than a pre-interview social, we will be hosting a number of formal and informal virtual social events where you will be able to meet with our residents, ask further questions, and get a better feel of our program family.

All events will be announced through our @RushEmergency twitter feed and rush_emergency_medicine Instagram as well as frequent updates on this page. Please follow us to stay up to date on the latest from Rush EM!


Thank you for your interest in Rush Emergency Medicine and we look forward to welcoming you to Chicago!


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