Resident Scholarly Activity

Below is an unexhausted list of scholarly work produced by current Rush University psychiatry residents during their residency training:

  • Zolpidem in Elderly Patients With Acute Treatment Resistant Catatonia: A Case Report - Lisa Wendt, Monika Hornung, Rayyan Sami, 2023

  • Sholtes, D., Kravitz, H.M., Deka A., Westrick, J., Fogg, L.F., & Gottlieb, M. Optimizing Sleep and Performance during Night Float: A Systematic Review of Evidence and Implications for Graduate Medical Education Trainees. Submitted to The Postgraduate Medical Journal.

  • Jaywant, A., Dunlop, K., Victoria, L.W., Oberlin, L., Lynch, C., Respino, M., Kuceyeski, A., Scult, M., Liston, C., O’Dell, M.W., Alexopoulos, G.S., & Gunning, F.M. White matter-associated structural disconnection, resting-state functional connectivity, and cognitive control in older adults. Submitted to Neurolobiology of Aging, Apr 2020.

  • Solomonov, N., Victoria, L.W., Dunlop, K., Respino, M., Hoptman, M., Zilcha-Mano, S., Oberlin, L., Liston, C., Arean, P.A., Gunning, F.M., & Alexopoulos, G.S. Resting State Functional Connectivity and Outcomes of Psychotherapy for Late-Life Depression. Am J Geriatr Psychiatry. 2020; Apr 18:S1064-7481(20)30292-X. doi: 10.1016/j.jagp.2020.04.00

  • Respino, M., Hoptman, M.J., Victoria, L.W., Alexopoulos, G.S., Solomonov, N., Stein, A.T., Coluccio, M., Morimoto, S.S., Blau, C.J., Abreu, L., Burdick, K.E., Liston, C., & Gunning, F.M. Cognitive Control Network Homogeneity and Executive Functions in Late-Life Depression. Biol Psychiatry Cogn Neurosci Neuroimaging. 2019; Nov 7. Pii:S2451-9022(19)30277-0.

  • Belvederi Murri, M., Triolo, F., Coni, A., Tacconi, C., Nerozzi, E., Escelsior, A., Respino, M., Neviani, F., Bertolotti, M., Bertakis, K., Chiari, L., Zanetidou, S., & Amore M. Instrumental assessment of balance and gait in depression: a systematic review. Psychiatry Research. 2019; Nov 10:112687.

  • Belvederi Murri, M., Respino, M., Proietti, L., Bugliani, M., Pereira, B., D’Amico, E., Sangregorio, F., Villa, V., Trinchero, V., Brugnolo, A., Girtler, N., Nobili, F., & Amore M. Cognitive impairment in late life bipolar disorder: risk factors and clinical outcomes. J Affect Disord. 2019; Oct 1;257:166-172.

  • Duke, C. G., Bach, S. V., Revanna, J. S., Sultan, F. A., Southern, N. T., Davis, M. N., Carullo, N. V., Bauman, A. J., Phillips, R. A., & Day, J. J. An improved CRISPR/dCas9 interference tool for neuronal gene suppression. Frontiers in Genome Editing. 2020; Sept 15.

  • Carullo, N. V., Phillips, R. A., Simon, R. C., Soto, S. A., Hinds, J. E., Salisbury, A. J., Revanna, J. S., Bunner, K. D., Ianov, L., Sultan, F. A., Savell, K. E., Gersbach, C. A., & Day, J. J. Enhancer RNAs predict enhancer-gene regulatory links and are critical for enhancer function in neuronal systems. Nucleic Acids Research. 2020; 48, 9550-9570.

  • Zipperly, M. E., Sultan, F. A., Graham, G., Brane, A. C., Simpkins, N. A., Ianov, L., & Day, J. J. Regulation of dopamine-dependent transcription and cocaine action by Gadd45b. Neuropsychopharmacology. 2020.

  • Savell, K. E., Bach, S. V., Zipperly, M. E., Revanna J. S., Goska N. A., Tuscher J. J., Duke C. G., Sultan F. A., Burke J. N., Williams D, Ianov L, & Day J. J. A Neuron-optimized CRISPR/dCas9 activation system for robust and specific gene regulation. eNeuro. 2019;6, 0495-18.

  • Kushwaha, J., Rhodes, K., Rizk, D., & Statz, H.  Man’s Search for Meaning and the COVID-19 Pandemic; Discovering Opportunity Amidst Social Isolation. Journal of Humanistic Psychiatry. 2020; Volume 8, Issue 2.

  • Statz, H. Where Do We Go from Here? A Christian Perspective on the Afterlife. Journal of Humanistic Psychiatry. 2019; volume 7, Issue 1: 15-18.

  • Cross, J., Eloge, J. Tears Without Fears: Psychopharmacologic Considerations When Treating Pseudobulbar Affect. Case report and poster approved for November 2023 ACLP conference

  • Booker, C., Cross, J., Burns, K.E. A New Challenge for Midazolam: Treatment of Catatonia. Case report and poster presented at May 2023 APA conference

  • Cross, J.,  Shankar, C. Overshadowed and Under-connected: A Case of Agenesis of the Corpus Callosum Eclipsed by Autistic Symptomatology. Case report and poster presented at May 2023 APA conference

  • Cross, J., Naughton, J.C., Hebert, C. Rolling with the Punches: Management of Post-ictal Agitation. Case report and poster presented at May 2022 APA conference

  • Deka, A., Burns, K.E., Hebert, C. “My patient is a little … weird?”: Consulting and liaising to help primary teams and patients with cluster A personality traits navigate a medical admission – series of three cases. Under review at the Academy of Consultation Liaison Psychiatry 2020.

  • Deka, A., Burns, K.E., Hebert, C. A tale of two double-edged swords: Serotonin in Anxiety and Hyper-suggestibility in Conversion Spells. Under review at the Academy of Consultation Liaison Psychiatry 2020.
  • Eloge, J. Post-Stroke Akinetic Mutism vs. Catatonia: Lorazepam-challenge, MRIs, and Psychostimulant-Challenges to Investigate a Differential. Accepted at ANPA 2020 conference - conference cancelled. Submitted to Academy of Consultation Liaison Psychiatry 2020, pending acceptance.
  • Eloge, J. Psychosis of Epilepsy: Characterization of “Odd” Behavior in a Patient with a Negative Continuous EEG. 2019 American Neuropsychiatry Association Annual Meeting Poster Presentation. March 22, 2019, Chicago, IL. With accompanying abstract published in The Journal of Neuropsychiatry and Clinical Neuroscience. Summer 2019:31(1)
  • Eloge, J. Psychosis of Epilepsy: Characterization of “Odd” Behavior in a Patient with a Negative Continuous EEG. Rush Trainee Research Symposium. May 30, 2019, Chicago, IL.
Quality improvement projects
  • Cross, J. Time 2 GO Discharge Planning Project, 2021. Developed discharge planning tool for physicians and medical students tailored to the needs of Limited English Proficiency patients.

  • Cross, J. ECT Order Set Optimization Project, 2021. Collaboration with electronic medical record representatives to create automated process to optimize efficiency and increase accuracy of ECT orders.

  • Eloge, J. Rush Inpatient Psychiatry Safety Assessments: Q15 minute safety assessments. Changed the q15 minute safety assessments to be more clinically meaningful and able to be plotted on a scale to demonstrate agitation over hospitalization. Aggregating q15 minute safety assessments into reviewable data will help treatment teams to better understand agitated patient behavior and improve interdisciplinary communication.

  • Harris, K., Kimchi, E., Van Horn, R, Garcia E, Statz, H, Rhodes, K. Suicide Risk Assessment Documentation. Project was to create more standardized and comprehensive suicide risk assessment template
  • Kalangi, D, Kushwaha, J. Assisted in creating a flowsheet to assist with outpatient billing procedures for incoming residents. Flowsheet improved communication, efficiency and quality of care in the outpatient setting
  • Kalangi, D, Kushwaha, J. Improving On-call workflow and Efficiency. Developed on call pamphlet for the residency program which included duties and responsibilities of residents which helps improve efficiency while on call
  • Kalangi, D. Addiction Medicine Clinics at Rush University Medical Center. Provided outpatient social workers and outpatient medicine clinics outlines differentiating the different addiction medicine clinics to improve referral process for patients
  • Chimata, R., Kimchi, E., Statz, H. Back-Up Call Policy, 7/10/2019. Reviewed, reformulated and updated back-up resident call policy within the department of psychiatry.
  • Samson, S. Quality Deficit within Clinical Service, Introduction to the Off-Service Rotations. June 2019. This presentation was developed as there was previously no directed orientation to the documentation processes and workflow of respective off-service rotations for incoming interns. The presentation covers basic Epic (EMR) functions relevant to workflow as well as an in-depth look into the admission and discharge processes. Overall, the detailed instructions as I laid out will serve as a reference to help interns more efficiently and effectively utilize Epic by decreasing EMR time and leading to more time for medical education and opportunities to provide high-quality patient care.
  • Samson, S. An Epic® Orientation to Adult Inpatient Psychiatry. June 2020
  • Rhodes, K. Rush Psychiatry Wellness Committee Member- assisted in developing biopsychosocial proposal, integral in initiating healthy lunch options for residents
  • Isbiroglu, A., Johnson, E., Swartz, N., Statz, H. Medication Information Sheets for Patients. Creation of medication information handouts for resident and medical student teaching and patient education in the inpatient and outpatient setting. Upon completion of medication handouts, looking to survey patients’ knowledge of medications before and after inpatient admission. Exp. 12/31/2020
  • Basch, G., Garcia, E., Harris, K., Kimchi, E., Perticone, K., Rhodes, K., Statz, H., Van Horn, R. Suicide Risk Assessment Documentation Committee. Meetings to update, reformulate and better standardize the documentation of suicide risk assessments within the department of psychiatry at Rush Medical Center. Exp. 6/2021
  • Basch, G., Statz, H. Rush Dual Diagnosis Addiction Medicine Documentation, 11/27/2019. Updated electronic medical record smart phrases to more clearly and easily document, evaluate and diagnose alcohol use disorder and post-traumatic stress disorder based on DSM-5 criteria. 
Research projects
  • Effects of AEDs on Depression and Anxiety in a sample of Patients with Epilepsy. Role: Lead Author, Eloge, J.. Principal Investigator: Eloge, J.. Project Dates: 1/2020-present
  • Medical versus Psychiatric Catatonia: differences and parallels in the phenomenology and management. Role: Co-Authors Eloge, J., Respino, M. Principal Investigator: Espi Forcen, F. Project Dates: 1/2020-6/2020
  • Assessing Resident Attitudes with Implementation of Neuroscience Curriculum in Didactics. Role: Lead Authors, Eloge, J.; Sultan, F. Principal Investigator: Kimchi, E. Project Dates: 1/2020-6/2020
  • Interdisciplinary Communication on an Inpatient Psychiatric Unit with Implementation of Rush Inpatient Psychiatry Safety Assessments. Role: Lead Author, Eloge, J.. Principal Investigator: Eloge, J.. Project Dates: 1/2020-6/2020
  • Mechanisms underlying maladaptive grief before and after bereavement in old spouse caregivers of terminally ill patients in different palliative care settings. Role: Co-investigator, Respino, M. Principal Investigator: Swantek S. Project Dates: 9/2020 – present date
  • Algorithm for psychiatric admission. Role: Researcher, Tiede, E. Principal Investigator: Goldstein, C. Project Dates: 4/1/2020 – present date
  • Studies on Genetic Testing in Collaborative Care. Role: Researcher, Tiede, E. Principal Investigator: Gupta, N. Project Dates: 4/1/2020 – present date