Recent Graduates

Ivana Barouhas, MD - GYN ONC Fellowship, University of New Mexico
Katherine Derby, MD - Swedish Covenant Hospital, Chicago, IL
Cassandra Kelly, MD - IU Health, Carmel, IN
Erica Testani, DO - MFM Fellowship, University of Iowa
Jayme Trevino, MD - CFP Fellowship, Washington University in St. Louis
Sara Twiehaus, DO - Esperanza Health Centers, Chicago, IL

Program Highlights
“I truly feel the program provided me with a robust education throughout the specialties. I feel comfortable taking care of higher risk patients as a general OBGYN which has allowed me to feel more confident as a new attending.” - Sara Twiehaus, DO

Emily Barker, MD - CFP Fellowship, Washington University in St. Louis
Marlon Bohorquez, MD - AMITA Health, Chicago, IL
Dana Jones, MD - NorthShore Health Center, Portage, IN
Kristen Latta, DO - Haugen OBGYN, Minneapolis, MN
Larissa Mattei, MD - GYN ONC Fellowship, Wayne State University
Zoran Pavlovic, MD - REI Fellowship, University of South Florida

Program Highlights
“RUSH does a great job of mentoring residents with different career interests. Residents who ultimately choose academic generalist positions, private practice generalist, or fellowship are all well supported and matched formally or informally with attendings who can support their career development.” - Emily Barker, MD

“Excellence is practiced across the entire system and it was evident during the pandemic when I never felt unsafe because the system ensured we took care of ourselves in uncertain times.” - Marlon Bohorquez, MD

“The team mentality of the residency program - the pick me ups that residents and attendings offer each other after something bad happens.” - Kristen Latta, DO

Marly Francois, MD - Rush University Medical Center
Sheena Galhotra, MD - MIGS Fellowship, University of Arizona Phoenix
Qudsia Ladani, DO - University of Pittsburgh Medical Center
Elizabeth Perelman, MD - North Shore Associates in Gynecology & Obstetrics, Wilmette, IL
Marika Raff, MD - REI Fellowship, University of Iowa
Madeline Stark, MD - Rush University Medical Center

Program Highlights
“I still brag about the program! RUSH really prepares you to be very capable at the medical management of patients. We are very detail-oriented in our care and problem lists and that made me very diligent about understanding my patients and being on top of their care.” - Sheena Galhotra, MD

“What I love most about RUSH is my colleagues, and this has been true from the very start. I stayed at RUSH because of my colleagues, and I continue to come to work every day looking forward to be surrounded by friends and family. No matter what we face at work we do together and that is the best thing you could ask for as a physician!” - Madeline Stark, MD

Rachel Allon, MD - Swedish Covenant Hospital, Chicago, IL
Nakyda Dean, MD - Global Health Fellowship, UCSF HEAL Initiative
Christine Feigal, MD - Complete Women Care, Long Beach, CA
Karissa Hammer, MD - REI Fellowship, Massachusetts General Hospital
James Nitti, MD - Edward-Elmhurst Health, Oak Park, IL
Stacey Sudholt, MD - Rush University Medical Center

Program Highlights
“Being from the West Side and knowing that RUSH has a mission to serve the West Side, I was able to train at a facility that mirrors my own values. Even if applicants are not from the West Side, if they want to be at an institution that is addressing health disparities, health inequity, and SDOH, then RUSH is that place.” - Nakyda Dean, MD

Grace Banner, MD
- Rush University Medical Center
Elisheba Butts, MD - WellStar Health System, Atlanta, GA
Terah Holland, MD - Southern Illinois University
Anne Martini, DO - REI Fellowship, National Institutes of Health
Christie Porter, DO - OSF Saint Francis Medical Center, Peoria, IL
Tracia West, MD - Northland Obstetrics and Gynecology, Liberty, MO

Program Highlights
“The autonomy and responsibility expected of us to make decisions, especially on Labor and Delivery.” - Terah Holland, MD

Valerie Allen, MD - NorthShore University HealthSystem, Skokie, IL
Michelle Beck, MD - Erie Family Health, Chicago, IL
Stacy Brown, MD - Swedish Covenant Hospital, Chicago, IL
Sheena Harmon, MD - Peachtree Women’s Specialists, Atlanta, GA
Diana Kolettis, MD - MFM Fellowship, Tufts Medical Center
Maia Uli, DO - Sharp HealthCare, San Diego, CA