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Our program values holistic wellness for the development of empathetic and compassionate physicians. We strive to create a welcoming and encouraging learning community that supports individual needs; program initiatives include strict adherence to ACGME work hour requirements, individual wellness days, program and class retreats, and resident participation in call and rotation scheduling. From RUSH Wellness and guided meditation retreats to the immense cultural and social diversity of Chicago, our residents have the resources and connections to be the best people and physicians.

“The greatest factor that has played a role in my wellness during residency has been being able to have a partnership with my PD and APD in assessing my needs as a learner and leader and figuring out the best plan for me. Through this collaboration, I have continued to sharpen my clinical and surgical skills as I matriculated through some of the most challenging rotations.” - Brittany Idusuyi, MD

“I enjoy making time to cook nourishing meals for myself. It makes me feel like I am making my health a priority and taking care of my body. Plus, it's a really good way to unwind after a stress week, I tend to zone out from everything else when I'm cooking and just be.” - Iris Kuo, MD

"Something I value about our program is our culture of wellness. Our residents and attendings all agree on the importance of lives outside of the hospital. It's not hard to find coverage if a life event pops up because everyone is so helpful and kind. I also think in general the supportive learning environment promotes my wellness!" - Megan Marshalla, MD

“People always ask me why I moved from California to Chicago. The simple answer is because Chicago is such a great city to live in. I really appreciate the summers here and I don't mind the winters either because I actually love indoor activities. If you give me puzzles and pizza, I'm in!” - Hannah Raff, MD

“Our program does an incredible job of prioritizing wellness. Our ability to make our own rotation schedule and call schedules allows us more flexibility in our personal lives and the opportunity to attend important events in our free time. In my free time I like to run, do yoga and incorporate mindful living in my life. I think these things make me a better physician and all-around better person.” - Allison Salk, MD

“The wellness activities I’ve been a part of as a resident have been so wonderful not only because I got to go sledding in the snow for the first time in years, but because taking the time to laugh and feel joy with my co-residents and attendings outside of work lifts the weight of being a resident off of our collective shoulders. Our residency values the people we are and takes the time to know one another and prioritize our individuality while including the skills and insight from each of us…like reading astrological star charts or tarot cards.” - Brianna Sohl, MD