Current Residents - PGY-4

Jawaria Amir, MD
Hometown - Brooklyn, NY
Undergraduate - Brooklyn College
Medical School - Chicago Medical School

Hobbies - Reading, running, knitting
Program Favorites - The kindness and support of everyone.
Chicago Favorites - Lurie Garden

Julia Cartledge, MD
Hometown - Charlotte, NC
Undergraduate - Vanderbilt University
Medical School - Wake Forest University

Hobbies - I grew up as a dancer and still enjoy attending dance classes when I can, listening to music, running, eating brunch, and hanging out with friends
Program Favorites - My favorite thing about the program is hands down the people. I feel so thankful to be in a program that is so supportive of me as a whole person and so invested in my development as a resident. Since the first day of orientation I feel like I have had an army of people rooting for me which has been a great environment to learn in so far!
Chicago Favorites - One of my favorite things to do in Chicago is to walk along the lakefront with the view of the skyline and the lake at the same time. It’s beautiful and uniquely Chicago. A close second is all of the great food!

Jennifer Chang, MD
Hometown - Cupertino, CA
Undergraduate - Harvard University
Medical School - University of Illinois

Hobbies - Baking, running, and making sure my dogs and cats are entertained
Program Favorites - How supportive, kind, and fun-loving everyone is. Everyone looks out for each other and I’m so happy to be a part of this family!
Chicago Favorites - The diversity of people, food, activities…and that there are four distinct seasons.

Alexandra Cooke, MD
Hometown - Phoenix, AZ
Undergraduate - University of Arizona
Medical School - University of Arizona

Hobbies - Dance (ballroom, salsa, west coast swing), rock climbing, travel, hiking, cooking, reading, exploring the city/socializing with friends
Program Favorites - I could go on for a while! I love how welcoming everyone is here and how much of a family it is at all levels. Everyone is invested in you and your growth. I am inspired by my co-residents and faculty who challenge me to be better and also help me grow. I love working with this community and feeling like I am making an impact. I could not hope for a better class and community to do my training with.
Chicago Favorites - Chicago is an amazing city, and there’s so much to do! People are friendly and you can find something for everyone: art, culture, great bars/restaurants, adventure, pop-ups, comedy. It is such a diverse place and the people are lovely. I’m still new but I feel I still would never run out of things to discover by the end of residency.

Brittany Idusuyi, MD
Hometown - Springfield, IL
Undergraduate - Spelman College
Medical School - Southern Illinois University

Hobbies - Musical theatre, plays, advocacy, health and wellness, indulging in Nigerian cuisine
Program Favorites - It was important to me that I train at an institution that not only offers exceptional training, but also enforces an atmosphere of wellness and high morale. I found that RUSH aligned with this description perfectly. The department transcends beyond merely offering excellent training, but is also mounted in a strong foundation that promotes community and political advocacy and addresses racial health disparities; initiatives of which I am particularly passionate about.
Chicago Favorites - I love Chicago because of its food, theatre scene, and its unique culture. I am still in search of finding a restaurant that serves the best jollof rice, but I am definitely not mad about trying all the variety of food Chicago has to offer. The CIBC Theatre is also amazing, and anytime I have an opportunity to see a show I take it! Lastly, the main attribute I love about Chicago is its culture. The diversity in the neighborhoods and the people adds to the richness and beauty of this city.

Allison Salk, MD
Hometown - Deerfield, IL
Undergraduate - University of Michigan
Medical School - Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai

Hobbies - Singing, running, and yoga
Program Favorites - Our tight-knit family and patient-centered care, along with so many other things!
Chicago Favorites - Going to the Wicker Park Farmers Market and running on the 606.