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Current Residents - PGY-4

Baillie Bronner, MD
Hometown - Albuquerque, NM
Undergraduate - University of New Mexico
Medical School - University of New Mexico

Hobbies - Cuddling my dogs, karaoke, Twitter, taking BuzzFeed quizzes, Heelying
Program Favorites - It’s really cliché to say the people, but I’m going to still have to say the people. So kind and funny.
Chicago Favorites - All the tacos!

Jessica Dai, MD
Hometown - Albany, CA
Undergraduate - University of California Berkeley
Medical School - Oakland University

Hobbies - Drawing and painting, taking walks around my neighborhood, home improvement projects, collecting house plants
Program Favorites - Everyone is incredibly kind and genuinely enjoys each other’s company. It’s easy to feel welcome and at home here even if home-home is many states away.
Chicago Favorites - Its many neighborhoods, amazing restaurants, and beautiful summers.

Lauren Falk, MD
Hometown - Portage, IN
Undergraduate - Indiana University
Medical School - University of Virginia

Hobbies - Biking, hiking, gardening, yoga, and reading
Program Favorites - The people. My co-residents are such an amazing cohort of caring, thoughtful, supportive, smart and just wonderful people. The program truly feels like a big family.
Chicago Favorites - All the different types of food! I love biking around the city and feeling/seeing the different vibes in each neighborhood.

Sonali Gupta, MD
Hometown - Troy, MI
Undergraduate - University of Michigan
Medical School - University of Michigan

Hobbies - Dance, baking, watching reality TV, being a plant mom
Program Favorites - How amazing and supportive everyone is. I truly feel that everyone at RUSH is invested in me and my learning.
Chicago Favorites - Summer in Chicago is the best! There are so many parks, beaches, and rooftops/patios to explore. I also love walking down the Riverwalk and trying all the amazing restaurants!

Megan Marshalla, MD
Hometown - Lake Zurich, IL
Undergraduate - University of Notre Dame
Medical School - University of Illinois Chicago

Hobbies - Running, gardening, spending time with friends
Program Favorites - Without a doubt, the people. I feel so supported by my fellow residents and my faculty! I am happy here, and that is something that is very important to me.
Chicago Favorites - Born and raised out in the 'burbs, Chicago is forever my home! The lake, the food, the people...I could go on and on! Best city in the world.

Amalia Namath, MD
Hometown - North Potomac, MD
Undergraduate - Northwestern University
Medical School - Georgetown University

Hobbies - Reading, cooking/baking, being outside, and all things Hungarian
Program Favorites - The people and the culture of wellness that RUSH promotes. I feel so welcome and supported in my residency, and I am certain that from these four years of residency, I will gain the skills and knowledge necessary to graduate as a well-rounded, happy, and wonderfully-trained OBGYN. Also, my co-residents are simply amazing.
Chicago Favorites - The 606, Chicago in the summer, and all of the amazing restaurants.