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Program Highlights

Master’s Program

Fellows receive a Master’s of Science in Clinical Research from the Graduate College at RUSH University. This program is geared specifically toward post-doctoral students and provides intensive education in biostatistics and clinical research. At the conclusion of the program, fellows complete a master’s thesis that can also be used as a publication and the basis of a National Institutes of Health career development award.

Working with Planned Parenthood of IL

The fellowship program is held in partnership with Planned Parenthood of Illinois, so fellows are able to gain clinical knowledge in multiple settings. Through this partnership, fellows will expand the population they are serving and gain a broader understanding of applying clinical knowledge within various populations and while experiencing a variety of family planning needs.

Care For Complex Patients

The RUSH family planning division cares for the most medically complex patients from across the country. We focus on reducing barriers to care so that all patients who need hospital-based care can access it.

Large Academic Medical Center

RUSH University Medical Center is a large, urban academic medical center serving a diverse population in Chicago’s medical district. RUMC is a non-profit teaching hospital providing tertiary care to the surrounding communities. RUMC is very supportive of complex family care and we are able to partner with multiple providers across our department and institution to provide the highest level of care.

Complex Abortion Referral Line for Access (CARLA)

RUSH houses the CARLA program, a consultation and patient navigation referral center for patients needing hospital-based abortion care. This program partners with the Chicago Abortion fund and other academic medical centers in Illinois to address the medical and logistical barriers of accessing hospital-based abortion.

Why Choose RUSH?

We are dedicated to education and high-quality clinical care for all patients and strive to create an inclusive training environment. We actively seek feedback and work to create a learning environment that supports each person individually and creates a collective team of intelligent and compassionate Family Planning providers. Learn more about graduate medical education at RUSH.