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Internship Training Seminars

Interns are required to attend a half-day (Thursday afternoons) of seminars that are offered by department faculty and are held throughout the training year. Interns meet for lunch bi-weekly with the director of clinical training and on alternate weeks attend a support group for psychology interns. Following lunch, the Teaching Conference is a didactic seminar which meets weekly for 75 minutes and covers advanced assessment and treatment issues, including empirically-supported treatments, ethical and professional issues, and issues of cultural and individual diversity. The Psychotherapy Case Conference meets monthly week for 60 minutes and focuses on presentation and discussion of diverse diagnostic and treatment cases. The Supervision Workshop meets monthly and focuses on the instruction and practice of supervision skills. The DEI Roundtable meets monthly and provides a supportive space for residents to lead and participate in important discussions related to topics in diversity, equity, and inclusion. The Research Seminar meets monthly and focuses on research questions and methodologies.

Each of the three internship tracks also requires and provides other track-specific seminars, as detailed in the individual track descriptions. The department also maintains a research colloquium series, which focuses on significant research investigations carried out here and elsewhere. In addition, the medical center is replete with opportunities for additional didactic learning. Most departments in the medical center offer grand rounds, conferences and topical seminars that interns are also able to attend.