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Alumni Placement

Following residency, our graduates pursue sub-specialty fellowship training or confidently enter clinical practice. Our graduates have successfully matched in outstanding fellowships in the fields of acute care surgery, breast oncology, cardiothoracic, colorectal, endocrine, hepatobiliary, minimally invasive, pediatric surgery, plastics, transplantation, trauma/critical care, vascular, international surgery and others. Below is a list of our recent matches.


Laura DeCesare: Colorectal Surgery, The Ohio State University
Genevieve Gill-Wiehl: MIS/Bariatric Surgery, Yale University
Cammie Jaber: Plastic Surgery, Vanderbilt University
Alex Kremers: MIS/Bariatric Surgery, Wake Forest University
Brittany Mead: MIS, Carolina Medical Center
Neha Nimmagadda: Colorectal Surgery, Emory
Brendan O’Donnell: Colorectal Surgery, Stroger Cook County Hospital
Nick Skertich: MIS/Bariatric Surgery, RUSH University Medical Center
Samantha Terranella: Vascular Surgery, Emory


Sitaram Chivukula: Vascular Surgery, Washington University
Julia Coughlin: Thoracic Surgery, Brigham
Richard Jacobson: Surgical Oncology, Moffitt
John Klein: Transplant Surgery, University of Southern California
Emily Munding: Trauma/ACS, UT Southwestern
Lauren Williams: Private Practice, Fairfield Memorial Hospital
Augustine Wilson: Naval Commitment, Camp Pendleton
Ashley Woodfin: Breast Surgery, MD Anderson
Thomas Xu: MIS, Medical College of Wisconsin


Justin Gerard: Trauma/Critical Care, University of Texas-Houston
Jennifer Kalil: HPB, McGill University
Danby Kang: Trauma/Critical Care, University of Pittsburgh
John Lewandowski: MIS, Rush Medical Center
Constantine Saclarides: Trauma/Critical Care, Brigham
Laurel Tangalakis: MIS, University of Washington
John Tierney: Trauma/Critical Care, Temple University
Mandakini Venkatramani: Endocrine Surgery, Northshore University


Nasim Babazadeh: Endocrine Surgery, Cleveland Clinic
Rebecca Deal: General Surgery, Private Practice
Lia Jordano: Vascular Surgery, Abbott Northwestern Hospital
Michael Keating: MIS, University of Texas Southwestern
Branden Kret: Trauma/Critical Care, University of Louisville 
Emilie Robinson: Vascular Surgery, Abbott Northwestern Hospital 
Marc Sarran: MIS, Rush University 
Devan Schlund: Colorectal Surgery, Lutheran General


Reid Fletcher: MIS, Portland Providence 
Charles Fredericks: Surgical Critical Care, UC Davis
Jamie Harris: Pediatric Surgery, Lurie's Children's Hospital 
Christopher Knapp: Surgical Critical Care, Oregon Health & Science University
MacKenzie Landin: MIS, Duke University 
Shauna Costinett: MIS, Montefiore 
Jennifer Son: Breast Surgery, University of California-San Franciscio 
Randal Zhou: MIS, Yale University 


Elizabeth Aitcheson: Vascular Surgery, University of Utah
Gillian Alex: Thoracic Surgery, Rush University Medical Center 
Brian Blackwood: Critical Care (Peds), University of Colorado- Denver
Chandler Cortina: Breast Surgery, Northwestern University 
Vidya Fleetwood: Transplant Surgery, University of Wisconsin- Madison 
Jonathan Lucking: Colorectal Surgery, Rutgers University 
Kristine Makiewicz: MIS, Summa Health-Akron, Ohio
Jill Smolevitz: Vascular Surgery, Oregon Health Sciences 


Joseph Broucek: Minimally Invasive Surgery, The Mayo Clinic - Florida
Caroline Nally: Vascular Surgery, Vanderbilt University Medical Center
Tara Spivey: Surgical Oncology, Brigham and Women's Hospital 
Shannon Zielsdorf: Transplant Surgery, University of Southern California
Scott Shimpke: Minimally Invasive Surgery, Duke University Hospital
Brett Fair: Trauma/Critical Care, UT Southwestern 
Donnamarie Packer: Private Practice
John Kubasiak: Trauma/Critical Care, UT Southwestern 


Tasha Hughes: Surgical Oncology, The Ohio State University
Ryan Knoper: Cardiothoracic Surger, University of Minnesota
Laura Grimmer: Minimally Invasive Surgery, Washington University in St. Louis
Ryland Gore: Breast Oncology, Maimonides Medical Center
Hadyn Hollister: Trauma/Surgical Critical Care, John H. Stroger Jr. Hospital of Cook County
Shaun Daly: Minimally Invasive Surgery, University of California, Irvine
Micheal Tran: ACGME Transition to Practice, Annapolis, Maryland