Dental Insurance

We provide free dental insurance through Cigna. Additional coverage is available for an additional premium. Your social security number is your membership number. Contact Cigna at (800) 323-1743.


PerkSpot is an online discount shopping program that expands current employee discounts (movie tickets, car rentals, fitness club memberships, restaurants, etc.) to products and services from companies such as AT&T, Costco, Dick’s Sporting Goods,, Target and T-Mobile. Register online using company code: rush. Login instructions will be sent following your registration. PerkSpot should be used only during breaks and off hours.

Contact Rush Human Resources with questions at (312) 942-5958. For technical assistance, email PerkSpot.

Education Assistance Benefit

Residents may voluntarily participate in the Education Assistance Benefit program and receive up to $1000/$500 (full time/part time) per calendar year. The enhancement program reimburses 100% for required trainings and reimburses 90% for classes/conferences. To use this program, visit the Rush Tuition Manager website (Rush login required).

Contact Rush Human Resources with questions at (312) 942-5958.

Flexible Wellness Benefit

House staff receive a $350 flexible wellness benefit each year. You can choose how to apply this benefit annually for either membership at the Rush Fitness Center, Freedom Pay meal funds or the Rush Bookstore.

Flex Spending Accounts for medical, dependent care and transportation expenses

House staff may voluntarily participate in flex spending accounts for medical, dependent care and transportation (mass transit and parking).

For more information, contact Rush Compensation and Benefits at (312) 942-2222 or contact the flex account vendor, PBA Customer Service, at (800) 435-5694.

Food Stipend/Freedom Pay

All house staff will receive a food stipend in a Freedom Pay account. Freedom Pay is a credit system providing pre-loaded electronic tags for meal/snack charges, which are accepted at the West Side Food Hall (Rush cafeteria), all Rush Au Bon Pain locations, Café 7, the Subway located in the Midwest Orthopedics Building, Rush Remedies and Room 500 (alcohol not included). The benefit for 2020-21 is $350.00.

The Office of Graduate Medical Education (GME) replaces lost tags for a $5 fee.

Health Insurance

Individual and family coverage options are available, including Health Savings Accounts (HSAs) by Cigna/Health Equity or Cigna Select EPO and a PPO Premier Plan. Plans are highly subsidized by Rush. A premium contribution is required from those with dependents on their plan. New spouses and children may be added within 30 days of wedding/births.

For more information, contact Cigna customer service at (855) 999-0286 or visit the Cigna website. Rush Human Resources can help with your benefits, including COBRA, once you have signed up through GME.

Contact Human Resource Benefits at (312) 942-2222. House staff can contact Lataivia Turnstall at 312-942-1660 with benfits questions. Contact Inez Stephenson-Johnson at 312-942-3093 with questions about COBRA.

Life Insurance

All house staff receive free $50,000 group term life insurance. Additional supplemental insurance up to five times your yearly salary is available for purchase at discounted group rates.

Contact GME, 403 Armour Academic Building, (312) 942-5495.

Loan Consolidation

The Office of Student Financial Aid is available to answer questions and assist you with loan consolidation and repayment issues.

Contact Office of Student Financial Aid, 440 Armour Academic Center, (312) 942-6256.


GME provides free garage parking at the medical center. House staff must pay a $30 deposit for the AVIT transponder, which is refunded upon return at clearance/graduation. Non-compliance with timely medical records dictation may put this benefit in jeopardy.

Contact GME, 403 Armour Academic Building, (312) 942-5495; Rush parking garage, (312) 942-6594.

Paid and Unpaid Leave Benefits

Maternity and Paternity Leave

Four weeks of paid maternity/paternity/adoption leave may be combined with vacation time to extend paid leave (see Salary Continuation and Medical Leave of Absence sections for more). Leave requires departmental approval. Download forms from MedHub and deliver to the GME office when completed.

Contact GME, 403 Armour Academic Building, (312) 942-5495.

Salary Continuation Period

House staff may qualify for up to three months of leave with salary and benefits due to an extended illness or disability, including maternity-related disability, where appropriate under the Salary Continuation Period. The request for leave must include a physician’s explanation and necessary completed forms. Download the leave request in MedHub.

Contact GME, 403 Armour Academic Building, (312) 942-5495.

Long-Term Disability

Long-term disability benefits begin after 90 days of continuous disability per the plan’s eligibility and benefit terms. After 45 days of short-term disability, a notice must be filed in order to accommodate processing time.

For more information, call Rx Financial Services at (630) 279-7900.

Medical Leave of Absence

House staff may use up to twelve weeks total leave to care for a spouse, parent, or child with a serious health condition, where appropriate and with a note from the individual’s or the individual’s spouse’s, parent’s or child’s treating physician. After available vacation and maternity/paternity leave are exhausted, subsequent leave is unsalaried; however, the house staff may maintain benefits by paying the Health and Dental insurance premium contribution. The house staff can find the request form in MedHub.

Contact your program director and GME, 403 Armour Academic Building, (312) 942-5495.

Post-Call Transportation

Rush house staff are encouraged to use post-call transportation if they believe it would be unsafe to drive home due to extreme fatigue. GME will authorize reimbursement of up to $50 for a taxi, train ride, or ride share (Uber or Lyft) home.

Prescription Benefits

If using Rush health insurance, you may access the Professional Building Pharmacy for free prescription medicines, following these guidelines:

  • Prescriptions are limited to a 14-day supply with no refills.
  • GME pays generic prescription and oral contraceptive co-pays; formulary/non-formulary pay incremental costs.
  • On other prescriptions, house staff receive the Rush employee discount of $3 off prescriptions filled at Rush pharmacies, not including fertility and cosmetic medications.

Contact the Professional Building Pharmacy, suite 418, (312) 563-2245.

Sick Days

House staff may take up to five sick days per year at the discretion of their program director. Sick days are not subtracted from vacation time. See also Wellness Days.

Tax-Sheltered Annuities

Participate in Rush’s approved 403(b) tax-sheltered annuity program by signing up any time after your first paycheck. Participation is voluntary.

Contact Rush Payroll and Pension for applications, (312) 942-5625.

Contact Fidelity Investments with specific questions about the program, (800) 343-0860.


You are eligible for the equivalent of four work weeks with pay. Vacation and/or educational leave must be scheduled by mutual agreement with your program director or designee.

Vision Service Plan

The Rush Vision Service Plan covers costs connected to eye exams, contact lenses or eyeglasses. Enrollment is voluntary and must be done during open enrollment period. Same sex domestic partners are eligible.

Contact the Rush Vision Service Plan at (800) 877-7195. For a list of participating doctors, visit the Vision Service Plan website.

We Care Grant

This grant provides financial assistance for employees experiencing a temporary financial emergency due to a recent emergency event. Forms are available in GME, 403 Armour Academic Building, or may be downloaded from the HR resource website (Rush login required).

To apply, contact Perspectives at (833) 304-3627.

Wellness Days

House staff may take up to two wellness days per year to attend to medical, mental health and dental care appointments, including those scheduled during their working hours. Wellness days may also be taken when house staff are unable to attend work due to fatigue, illness, family emergencies, and parental leave. Wellness days are scheduled at the discretion of the program director. They are not subtracted from vacation time. See also Sick Days.