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Community Engagement at Rush

Please visit the larger Community Engagement page on the Rush University website to get a greater understanding of the involvement Rush plays in the surrounding communities. Please click around the left-hand side bars as there are many levels of community engagement.

Additionally, please check out the 2016 Community Benefits Report to read about Rush’s process to understand and then provide service to the communities surrounding the hospital (both in Chicago and Oak Park, Illinois).

In 2015, Rush provided more than $275 million in community benefits To patients and others.

2016 Community Benefits Report

The Med-Peds Program would like to highlight is a HIV/AIDS/Infectious Disease stand-alone clinic located close to Rush in the immediate Illinois Medical District/Rush Community. The CORE Center was established as a joint partnership between Rush University Medical Center and Cook County Health and Hospitals System in 1998. The CORE Center offers an excellent caliber of service to patients because it houses many aspects of health care (besides primary care patients can see specialists, dental, social work, preventative education and participate in research) under one roof. Currently there are a few Med-Peds alumni from Rush who work at the CORE Center. Click the CORE Center link imbedded above to read and understand a bit more about this unique and impressive facility.