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Learning Technologies

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The CTEI staff works diligently to ensure that the faculty at Rush University has adequate learning technologies at its disposal to engage students in a variety of learning settings.

Below is a current list of technologies available for Rush University Faculty and a description of each tool.

If you do not currently have access to one of these tools, or would like some training, please email and someone from the CTEI team will help.


Examity: Examity is Rush University's exam proctoring software. There are various types of proctoring available through Examity. Please contact CTEI for more information.

Examsoft: Online (hosted) assessment delivery and analytical tool. Integrated with Blackboard. Requires custom testing software (Examplify, formerly SofTest) which is maintained by IS on METC lab and ATC computers.

H5P: This software is licensed to the instructional designers in CTEI. They can use it to create a multitude of learning experiences for students, from drag and drop assessments, to "choose your own adventure" type of learning scenarios. It can be used to create amazing drop-down menus and other course organizational items as well. Reach out to an instructional designer if you're interested in trying it.

Panopto: This is a lecture capture tool. You can record your in-class lectures as well as stand-alone lectures for flipped learning. 

PollEverywhere: Allows you to create live polls for your students. You can embed them into PowerPoint and other presentations and even use them for online classes.

Respondus Lockdown Browser, Respondus Monitor: Testing security service. Integrated with Canvas. Requires custom testing software (LockDown Browser) which is maintained by IS on METC lab and ATC computers.

ScreenPal: (Formerly ScreenCast-O-Matic) This is a software that allows faculty members to record what is on their screen as well as record audio. Faculty members who wish to use this software need to contact CTEI for information about how to get a license.

SPSS: Statistical software provided through METC computer labs and MyRushPC. Used for instruction by Rush University students, faculty and staff.

Studio (Canvas): Canvas Studio is a media tool that allows instructors to upload, create, edit, manage, share and discuss audio and video files. Students can create and share Studio media for an an assignment and discuss media content the instructor provides in a course. Academic plagarism detection service. Integrated with Canvas.

Zoom: A cloud-based video communication tool. 

Interested in using one of our video technologies to record your lecture?

Below is a link to our comparison guide the CTEI staff put together to help you compare and contrast the differences between, Panopto, Canvas Studio and Zoom for your synchronous or asynchronous lectures.          

RU CTEI Video Recording Tools-Comparison Document

If you have any additional questions or need technical assistance with these tools, please reach out to our Instructional Technologist at