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Procedural Skills


The fellow will use musculoskeletal ultrasound in all required clinics. Hands-on ultrasound workshops take place during didactic sessions and follow the AMSSM Ultrasound Curriculum for Sports Medicine Fellowships. Additional workshops including cadaver labs are scheduled throughout the year.

The fellow will be exposed to a variety of ultrasound-guided procedures and gain competency in multiple types of musculoskeletal injections.


The fellow will have the opportunity to observe and gain competency in fluoroscopic injections (e.g. hip intra-articular injection), performing diagnostic x-rays, and other procedures.

Landmark Guided Injections

The fellow will build their skills in anatomic or landmark-guided injections in many different settings, including the office and training room.

Compartment Testing

Program director Kathleen M. Weber, MD, MS, and assistant program director Joshua Blomgren, DO, perform exertional compartment testing. The fellow can observe and participate in compartment testing throughout the year.