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MS4 Audition Elective

For 2023-2024 Calendar Year, we are offering LIVE Audition Electives only

Live Rotation

How to Apply:
  • 2 to 4 week experiences between the months of July to December  
  • Applications through VLSO only
  • For any issues or further clarification, please email
Rotation Details:
  • 1-2 week clinical experience rotations between Acute Inpatient Rehabilitation (RUSH Rehabilitation) and Consult Service at RUSH University Medical Center 
  • Students will be given autonomy to round on their patients, present to the patient on rounds, place orders, provide clinical care, discuss with interdisciplinary team, write notes, etc.  
  • Students are required to give a short 15 minute presentation on a topic of their choice on the last week of the rotation

Virtual Rotation (Not offered in 2023)

  • 2-4 week experience 
  • Students will have an opportunity to earn a Letter of Recommendation (LOR) at the conclusion of the program.  The LOR would be a compilation of reflections from program faculty and residents whom have interacted with you (similar to a Dean's Letter)
  • Each week will have an educational theme for the daily reading and discussion with Senior Resident.  Weekly Educational themes will be Stroke, TBI, Amputation, SCI, Neuromuscular & Neurodegenerative, and Sports Medicine / MSK
  • Students will be given EPIC (patient chart) access to virtually round on their patients daily including discussions with interdisciplinary team members and videochat with patients 
  • Evening virtual social event to allow you to get to know the residents of our program
  • See sample schedule as noted below 
How to Apply:
Sample Daily Schedule:
Time Details
7 am
Resident Didactics: On Wednesday Morning only
9 am
Pre-reading: Read required reading(s) for the day and start preparing to answer 4-5 discussion questions
10 am
Virtual and Video Rounding: Students will be assigned multiple patients each on inpatient rehabilitation service. Virtual Rounding will consist of chart review and discussion with interdisciplinary staff (RN, PT, OT, SLP, Dietician) via EPIC chat feature.  Several times a week, the students will be able to Video Round with a Senior Resident interviewing the patients the are managing.  During this time, students will be required to create a plan of care for the patient to be discussed in the afternoon 
11 am
Student Group Discussion: Students will meet via Zoom to answer the discussion questions for the as a group including use of alternative resources (i.e. Google, PubMed, Science-Direct) to find evidence-based materials to support their answers
12 pm
Resident Group Case-Base Discussion: Using a flipped classroom model, students will apply the information gained earlier in the day to answer questions based upon a fake patient.  A Senior Resident Physician will guide the students through the case asking questions and giving clinical pearls along the way!
1 pm
Break for Lunch
Prosthetic Clinic on Wednesday: Using the Video Feature in EPIC, students will be able to shadow with Dr. Shah during his interdisciplinary prosthetic clinic
2 pm
Virtual Rounds Presentation: Students will individually present 1-2 of their patients to a Senior Resident +/- Attending Physician with discussion to follow.  At the conclusion of the presentations, each student will be given a clinical question to be answered with evidenced-based materials when writing notes the following day
Progress Note Writing:  On Tuesday and Thursday, students spend this time to write progress notes for the patients they are following
3 pm
Student Didactics (Tues and Thursday): Educational Topic to be presented by an attending physician
4 pm
Resident Didactics: Monday Afternoon Only
5 pm
Virtual Social Event: Every 1st and 3rd of the month following Resident Didactics