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Faculty Summer Pilot

Thank you to all faculty who showed interest in the pilot and a big thank you to the faculty who were part of the Canvas Summer Pilot 2021. 

Accessing Canvas

Canvas can be accessed here or with the following URL:

It's a good idea to bookmark this URL to your web browser bookmarks bar. You will log in using your Rush username and password. 

Canvas Training

On-demand options for Canvas training:

  • Growing with Canvas (Self-paced teacher training modules in Canvas where you are the student) - earn badges as you learn! Email and one of our Instructional Designers will enroll you in the course and create a Sandbox course for you to practice what you learn in the Growing with Canvas course. 
  • CTEI Knowledge Base on our CTEI YouTube channel 
  • Visit our Canvas Tutorials page for CTEI Canvas videos and Canvas guides.

One on one consultation and trainings are available with an Instructional Designer. Please reach out to for training requests.

Canvas Tools & Integrations

Choose any one of the application below to learn more. 


How we came to our decision to transition to Canvas

Rush University began evaluating its current Learning Management System in early 2019 with the development of a committee made up of faculty, students, and staff members. The LMS Review Committee developed a survey to evaluate institutional needs with regards to a learning management system; one survey was sent to faculty and one to students. After the needs were established, a Request for Proposals was written. The final decision was made to move forward with Canvas in Fall 2020. 

Committee members:

Paula Jo Belice (CHS)
Beth Bolick (CON)
Melinda Earle (CHS & CON)
Aeja Jackson (Student)
Amber Kujath (CON)
Doug Kuperman (CHS)
Kathryn Osborne (CON)
Anna Semprit (IS)
Angela Solic (CTEI)
Tara-Ann Waller (Student)
Brenda Weddington (Registrar)
Matt West (CTEI)
Adam Wilson (MC)
Helen Wood (GC)