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Resident Life & Benefits

Resident Life

Since all of our residents start as PGY1s, they have an added opportunity to make friends with Residents outside of PM&R.  This is very helpful when you are calling consults or need help from your Medicine or Surgical colleagues during your PGY2 - 4 years.  During their four year journey, all of our residents have the opportunity to enjoy the sights, sounds, and wonders of the greatest city in the world: Chicago! 

As part of our Wellness Initiative, the Department funds Monthly Resident Outings including a yearly Weekend Retreat.  The Retreat is a mandatory event where residents go to a location away from Chicago to work on camaraderie, friendship, career development, etc.  We have always found our residents are more inspired, refreshed, and ready to attack the second half of the year following the retreat!

If you do plan to visit Chicago, please contact us so we can give you our favorites.  Please look the “Meet the Residents” page to see the residents favorite things to do in Chicago!  For other resources, we recommend checking out the following:

Chicago Bucket List on Instagram

    Resident Benefits

    Full information regarding Residents Benefits is found here (click here) with highlights as noted below:

    RUSH GME Benefits

    • Insurance
      • Individual and Family Health Insurance including Health Savings Accounts (HSAs) by Cigna/Health Equity or Cigna Select EPO and a PPO Premier Plan
      • Free Dental Insurance through Cigna
      • Free Life Insurance - all house staff receive free $50,000 group term life insurance. Additional supplemental insurance up to five times your yearly salary is available for purchase  
      • Prescription Benefits
      • Vision Service Plan covers costs connected to eye exams, contact lenses or eyeglasses
    • Flex Spending Accounts for medical, dependent care, and transportation expenses (mass transit and parking).
    • Education Assistance Benefit - receive up to $1000/$500 (full time/part time) per calendar year.  The enhancement program reimburses 100% for required trainings and reimburses 90% for classes/conferences 
    • Wellness Support
      • Flexible Wellness Benefits - $350 flexible wellness benefit each year to be used towards either membership at the RUSH Fitness Center, meal funds, or the RUSH Bookstore
      • Post-Call Transportation
      • Freedom Pay - full meal coverage for each 12 hour In-house Call
    • PerkSpot - online discount shopping program that expands current employee discounts (movie tickets, car rentals, fitness club memberships, restaurants, etc.) to products and services from companies such as AT&T, Costco, Dick’s Sporting Goods,, Target, T-Mobile, etc.
    • Freedom Pay - full meal coverage for each 12 hour In-house Call
    • Free Parking
    • Disability / Medical Leave
      • Vacation Policy
      • Maternity and Paternity Leave - Four weeks of paid maternity/paternity/adoption leave may be combined with vacation time to extend paid leave
      • Short-Term Disability - up to three months of leave shall be paid (with benefits) for extended illness or disability, including maternity-related disability
      • Long-Term Disability
      • Family Medical Leave Act - up to 12 cumulative or consecutive weeks off to care for a spouse, parent or child with a serious health condition. Four of the twelve weeks are paid along with any unused vacation time. If used in conjunction with maternity/paternity leave, the four paid weeks are the original four weeks previously granted 

    RUSH PM&R Program Specific Benefits:

    • Annual Membership for AAPM&R and AAP
    • Full coverage to attend 2 National Conferences a year ($2000/year)
    • All PM&R Textbooks and Board Review Course Subscription provided starting PGY2 year