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Graduate Medical Education Office Services

Loan deferments

Bring loan deferment forms to the Office of Graduate Medical Education (GME) for processing. Forms will be completed and mailed/faxed, and a copy of your deferment form will be added to your GME file.

Contact GME, 403 Armour Academic Building, (312) 942-5495.


Free notary service for resident and fellows is ONLY available in the GME office.

Contact GME, 403 Armour Academic Building, (312) 942-5495.

Mileage/travel reimbursement for off-site rotations

For travel to a mandatory rotation away from RUSH, travel reimbursement may be available. To be eligible for reimbursement, the distance from your home to the rotation must be greater than the distance from your home to RUSH. Reimbursement is based on the mileage difference. Google Maps documentation is required.

Ambulatory rotations downtown are eligible for reimbursement at CTA cost. Parking is not reimbursed. For other requirements and restrictions, see the house officer’s agreement and mileage reimbursement request form. Checks are mailed to your home address. Reimbursements are processed in the XM Expense Management system in Link. Log in to MedHub to find instructions.


Policies pertaining to training programs and the house staff can be found on MedHub in the Resources/Documents section. RUSH institutional policies can be found on Inside RUSH (RUSH login required).

Verification of employment/training

Training verifications are provided by the Office of Graduate Medical Education. Submit written requests with a release form attached. Requests needing evaluation or personal references should be forwarded to your program director.

Contact your program or GME, 403 Armour Academic, (312) 942-5495 (phone) or (312) 942-5727 (fax).