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Typically, the fellow will spend every Thursday (after 3:00 p.m.) in the DePaul training room and 1/2 day in their primary specialty (Continuity Clinic). The monthly rotation times are incorporated in the weekly rotation and changes monthly, allowing the trainee experience in multi-subspecialty areas and rounds out the sports medicine experience.

The following is a sample schedule and may be subject to change.

August Musculoskeletal Radiology February Foot & Ankle (2 weeks)
Hand & Elbow (2 weeks)
September Foot & Ankle (2 weeks)
Hand & Elbow (2 weeks)
March Pediatrics / Hip
CWS Spring Training
October Research / PCSM April Elective
November Physiatry / Spine
May Pediatrics
December PT/OT, Casting & Splinting (2 weeks)
PCSM (2 weeks)
January Elective** July Sports Medicine Tools***

*Research month used to develop and execute a year-long research project, as well as prepare cases for presentation at AMSSM and ACSM conferences.

**Elective month used to explore an area of interest in a more in-depth fashion. May be done away from campus. Some possibilities include:

  • Throwing clinic and pitching mechanics (Chicago)
  • Sports nutrition (Chicago)
  • Sports hernia (core muscle injury) in Milwaukee, Philadelphia
  • Wilderness medicine in Montana
  • Ski medicine in Colorado, Utah, or Vermont
  • Sports medicine in another location

***Sports Med Tools is a sampling of different topics that may prove useful for a sports medicine physician, such as Cardiac and Pulmonary Testing, Eating Disorders, Sports Psychology, etc.

Educational lectures take place on the first and third Wednesdays of the month from 5:00-6:30 p.m. These cover a variety of orthopedic and primary care sports medicine topics. Throughout the year, the fellow will present six lectures on topics of their choosing.