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Our research administration offices partner with researchers both within and outside RUSH University as they seek funding, propose clinical studies, establish collaborations, steward funds, submit grants, negotiate industry contracts, and secure patents and licensing agreements.

Support at Every Stage of Your Research

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Funding & Proposals

Find opportunities for internal and external research funding. Learn about the process for submitting a research proposal. 
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Research Agreements

Get resources for agreements you may need to sign to pursue your research proposal.  
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Awards & Finances

Learn about the process of setting up and managing your research funding. 
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Institutional Review Boards

Connect with the IRB about the approval process for research proposals.  
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Facilities, Space, Equipment

Find resources for lab space, equipment and environmental services support
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Learn about the groups supporting safety oversight of all RUSH research. 
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Data Management

Get access to technical support for data management platforms for your research. 
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Compliance & COI

Learn about research compliance protections and processes, and conflicts of interest. 
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Discover the options you have to leverage the commercial potential of your research. 


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