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Safety and Ancillary Committees

RUSH University is committed to supporting a safe environment for all members of our academic community. Our research administration provides the knowledge and resources to ensure that research at RUSH advances scientific knowledge in a safe and responsible manner. 


Ancillary Committees

Learn about the ancillary committees below, or for additional information visit the RUSH Research Portal (RUSH login and training required)

Safety Policies

Visit PolicyTech (RUSH login required) to view policies relevant to research safety:

  • Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)
  • Hazard Communication
  • Chemical Waste Management
  • Hazardous Materials Spills
  • Biohazard Material Spills
  • Hazardous Drugs; Handling Disposal and Spill Control Procedures
  • Employee Injury Illness Prevention and Reporting
  • Hazardous Material, Dangerous Goods Shipment
  • Mandatory Training
  • Regulated Medical Waste (RMW)
  • Bloodborne Pathogen Exposure Control Plan
  • Emergency Eyewash and Shower Station Policy
  • Compressed Gas Cylinder

Safety Resources

Visit the InsideRUSH Laboratory Safety website (RUSH login required) to view:

  • Laboratory Safety Manual
  • Laboratory Safety Self Inspection Checklist
  • 3E Online Chemical Inventory Safety Data Sheet (SDS) Library
    • All RUSH users can view the SDS library. Contact OSD at to obtain 3E Online editing privileges. SDSs can also be obtained from 3E by phone at (800) 451-8346.
  • Chemical Hygiene Plan
  • Chemical Waste Management Manual
  • Formaldehyde Safety Program