Facilities, Space and Equipment

We want to make sure you have exactly the right laboratory space, equipment and facility support you need to conduct your research under the best possible conditions. The Office of Research Affairs has a team specifically dedicated to providing that support. 

Laboratory space support and processes

Research lab services
  • Assists with all service and support aspects of the laboratory environment 
  • Works closely with Medical Center Engineering, Occupational Health and Safety, Supply Chain, Capital Planning/Assets, Information Systems and other administrative staff 
  • Maintains laboratory equipment inventory and facilitates documentation of equipment transfer and disposal forms 
  • Maintains purchase order for pure air and recertification as needed for biological safety cabinets and chemical fume hood
  • Monitors laboratory spaces to ensure that they remain clean, organized and optimized 
  • Communicates the Office of Research Affairs’ equipment needs for annual budget consideration, secures competitive quotes, orders equipment and arranges installations 
  • Maintains space database and ensures that all changes are recorded 
Process for new lab requests or renovations to existing labs
  1. Schedule a meeting with Parisa Ramsi (parisa_ramsi@rush.edu) to understand the needs and function of the space, including the type of space needed (e.g. wet/dry lab, office, freezers), the number of lab occupants, specialized equipment or specific lab requirements, and capital requests. 
  2. Parisa Ramsi will help you complete the space request form. (This includes existing faculty who may be moving or require a new space and/or new faculty who are being recruited.) 
  3. The space request form should be submitted through the department for approval starting with the section head followed by the department chairperson.  
  4. If there are no resources at the section or department chairperson level, the space request form should be submitted to Research Finance and the vice provost of research. Research Finance will then provide information to the college dean, who will determine whether space can be made available from existing assigned spaces.  
  5. If there is no space available in the college, the dean will initiate discussions with the vice provost of research. If no resources are available at the vice provost of research level, your space request will be presented to the Rush University Medical Center Space Committee.

Laboratory equipment

Repurpose/donate equipment, materials, furniture

To repurpose/donate equipment, materials and furniture no longer needed, log into Rheaply Asset Exchange Manager (AxM) (free of charge with a Rush email and password). Follow these steps: 

If you have additional questions, please contact Aleksandra Danilovic at aleksandra_danilovic@rush.edu.

Environmental Services support

For ongoing maintenance of your research area, Rush University’s Environmental Services (EVS) offers the following services from 3 p.m. to 11:30 p.m. (for the Cohn Research Building and the Jelke Building).

Services performed daily
  • Countertops, tables and office desks in non-lab areas are wiped down if surfaces are cleared 
  • Regular trash is emptied from offices, breakrooms, restrooms and labs 
  • Restrooms are cleaned, disinfected and restocked 
  • Break room and restroom floors are mopped 
  • Glass doors of the main lobby are cleaned 
Services performed weekly
  • Vacuuming and dusting 
  • Auto-scrubbing of lab floors and hallways (weekly or as needed) 
Request services

To request services, please create a ticket in the 2-FIXX portal and follow up by contacting isaac_m_king@rush.edu or marvis_brown@rush.edu with location and request details. You may also call ext. 2-2532 or page #7327. (Please only contact parisa_ramsi@rush.edu if requests are not addressed after multiple attempts.) 

Non-EVS facilities support

Medical Center Engineering (MCE)

Contact Medical Center Engineering (MCE) in the 2-FIXX portal for the following:

  • Installation of soap, hand sanitizer and paper-towel dispensers
  • Plumbing, electrical, HVAC and carpentry issues
  • Replacement of carpet, floor tiles and ceiling tiles 
  • Furniture moving or disposal 
  • Requests for keys 
Occupational Safety

Contact Occupational Safety at ext. 2-7233 or occsafety@rush.edu for the following:

For biohazard waste and sharps container pickup and bin requests, please contact david_s_penzell@rush.edu.  

Laboratory decontamination

Contact the following for a quote on laboratory decontamination: 

Josh Santiago
Field Services Specialist 
Clean Harbors Environmental Services, Inc. 
Phone: (708) 225-8528
Email: santiago.joshua@cleanharbors.com