Awards and Finances

Once Rush University receives your funding and has the notice of your award, our Fund Accounting team will set up your account in Rush’s LINK system. You should work with your department and/or research administrator to establish payroll distributions for you and your team, as well as subawards and subcontracts, if necessary.

Your research administrator can provide guidance on expenses or projections as necessary. You also may be required to submit annual progress reports and/or financial statements.

Rush University research awards come from one of two overarching funding streams: grants or contracts. Your award will be governed by separate divisions of the Office of Research Affairs, depending on its source:

  • The Sponsored Programs Administration (SPA) oversees grants (National Institutes of Health and other federally funded awards).
  • The Clinical Research Administration (CRA) manages contracts (industry sponsored funding).

Setup and management steps are fundamentally the same for both funding sources, but they have different requirements under SPA and CRA which are detailed in each step listed below—from setting up to closing out your award.

  • Looking for Rush financial statements and single audit reports? Find them here

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Setting up your award
Managing your expenses
Providing progress reports
Receiving no-cost extensions
Conducting effort reporting
Closing out your award