Preliminary Residency

Given our high clinical volume and exposure to many surgical services, we offer 12 PGY-1 preliminary residency positions. These positions are available for residents who already possess a PGY-2 position (such as radiology, anesthesia, dermatology, PM&R), as well as those residents working toward securing a future categorical position. Our preliminary residents have great success obtaining categorical residencies in orthopedics, general surgery, radiology, emergency medicine and much more. Each preliminary resident is carefully counseled by our program director, Scott Schimpke, MD, who ensures that they make the appropriate connections and strides toward their ultimate career goal. All preliminary residents are an invaluable and important members of the surgical house staff team and are treated as such. The following list showcases the postgraduate postions secured by our preliminary residents.


Arya Bekhradi: Rush University, Anesthesia, PGY 2
Bishir Clayton: Rush University, Anesthesia, PGY 2
Melissa Goczalk: Rush University, General Surgery, PGY 1
Pierce Massie: University of New Mexico, General Surgery, PGY 1
Tateum Mattingly: University of Kansas, General Surgery, PGY 1
Maxime Montour: Montefiore, Emergency Medicine, PGY 1
Eric Moyer: Rush University, Emergency Medicine, PGY 1
Claude Nganzeu: University of New Mexico, ENT, PGY 1
Hasan Rashid: Temple University, Anesthesia, PGY 1
Kevin Shi: University of Illinois, Anesthesia, PGY 1
Jaijeet Toor: University of California- Davis, Anesthesia, PGY 1
Erik Wang: Cornell University, Anesthesia, PGY 1



Brandon Alba: Rush University, Plastic Surgery, PGY 2
Leah Canvasser: University of Chicago, Anesthesia, PGY 1
Mamoor Latef: Rush University, Pathology, PGY 1
Cedric Lawrenz: Nazareth, Emergency Medicine, PGY 1
Kevin Lee: University of Nevada- Las Vegas, Internal Medicine, PGY 1
Amanda MacQuoid: Loma Linda, Surgery, PGY 2
Tanner Norris: HealthONE, Internal Medicine, PGY 1
Abbas Rattani: University of Louisville, Radiation Oncology, PGY 1
Jane Schumacher: University of Illinois-Chicago, ENT, PGY 1
Jacob Steiber: Jefferson Health, Emergency Medicine, PGY 1
Alex Sun: University of Maryland, OBGYN, PGY 1
Victoria Vuong: UC San-Diego, Radiology, PGY 1
Tony Zhang: Rush University, Anesthesia, PGY 2


Alex Anderson: Rush University, Diagnostic Radiology, PGY 2
McKenzie Brown: Loyola University, Diagnostic Radiology, PGY 2
Niravkumar Chauhan: Rutgers University, Surgery, PGY 1
Cheryl Hornsby: Rush University, Surgery, PGY 1
Ahmad Hussein: St. Johns Riverside, Emergency Medicine, PGY 1
Micheal Iloanya: Tulane University, Orthopedics, PGY 1
Syed Khalid: Rush University, Research Fellow
Samy Bendjemil: John H. Stroger Cook County Hospital, Burn Fellow 


John Clark: Northeastern, Radiology, PGY 2
Melissa Ixacamey, Cook County Hospital, Opthomology, PGY 2
Brian Janda, Baylor, Anesthesia, PGY 1
Carly Jennings, University of Nebraska, OBGYN, PGY 1
Thomas Kwarcinski, Baylor, Radiology, PGY 1
Spencer Leblang, Rush University Medical Center, PGY 1
Joshua Owen, University of Minnesota, IM, PGY 1
Ross Pallansch, Yale, Anesthesia, PGY 1
Neerav Patel, University of Maryland, General Surgery, PGY 1
Jordan Schell, Rush University Medical Center, Anesthesia, PGY 2
Kyle Sonnabend, UIC, IR, PGY 2
Patrick Sowa, Saint Joe’s, General Surgery, PGY 1
Gary Tran, Henry Ford Hospital, Diagnostic Radiology, PGY 1
Keziah Vargas, Rush University Medical Center, Anesthesia, PGY 2


Jaymeson Arthur: Mayo Clinic, Arizona, Orthopedics PGY 1
Mitchell Bosman: Rush University Medical Center, Anesthesia, PGY 2
Yulong Chen: Rush University Medical Center, Anesthesia, PGY 2
Anton Dietzen: Marionjoy Hospital, PM&R, PGY 2
Chad Epley: Beaumont Health System, ER, PGY 2
Paul Fickey: Texas Tech, General Surgery, PGY 1
Jessica Gulliver: University of Wisconsin, Pathology, PGY 2
Jason Jerome: Bakersfield, ER, PGY 2
Joyce Kim: John H. Stroger Cook County Hospital, Radiology, PGY 1
John Klein: Rush University Medical Center, Surgery, PGY 1
Alexandra Lelchuk: Rush University Medical Center, Anesthesia, PGY 2
Victor Nguyen: Rush University Medical Center, Interventional Radiology, PGY 1
Josha Woodward: Rush University Medical Center, Neurosurgery, PGY 2
Sydney Yee: UCLA Harbor, Anesthesia, PGY 2


Anshul Agarwala:  St. Luke’s Bethlehem Hospital, Orthopedics PGY 1
Matthew Bowersox: Rush University Medical Center, Anesthesia PGY 2
Lauren Delgado: U of Tennesee, Radiology PGY 2
Joshua Greenstein: U of Chicago, Radiology PGY 2
Young Jee:  Wayne State University, Orthopedics PGY 1
David Kim:  Rush University Medical Center, Anesthesia PGY 2
Gustavo Mendez:  U of Chicago , Radiology PGY 1
David Pham: UC Davis, Radiology PGY 2
Sean Rajnic:  U of Nebraska, Anesthesia PGY 1
Arjun Ramesh:  Rush University Medical Center, Anesthesia PGY 2
Mark Russo:  Georgetown University, ENT PGY 1
Morgan Ulloa:  Rush University Medical Center, Anesthesia
Michael Wong:  UT Houston, Anesthesia PGY 2
Ken Zhao:  NYU, Radiology PGY 2