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Stroger Hospital of Cook County

Stroger Hospital of Cook County is a public health care facility adjacent to Rush. Through an academic affiliation, you will have the opportunity to see patients at both institutions. Stroger Hospital serves a diverse, underserved, population who rely on the public health system, affording residents opportunities to treat a wide range of neurological problems. Neurology attendings at Stroger have faculty appointments at Rush, and many Stroger faculty completed their training at Rush. 

The Division of Neurology at Stroger runs a neurology consult service, and residents have several rotations throughout the four-year program. The service is staffed by a neurology attending and a team of one senior, one junior neurology resident, and medical students. 4th year residents also have the opportunity to see ambulatory patients in the busy outpatient clinics as part of an outpatient rotation. There are also elective opportunities at Stroger that can include EEG, EMG, and outpatient clinic or a combination.