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How To Apply/Contact us

We have 33 categorical and 16 internal medicine-pediatric residents for a grand total of 49 residents. Feel free to view our listing in FREIDA for more information about our program.

Please submit residency applications through the Electronic Residency Application Service. Include three letters of recommendation (four is acceptable). Chairperson’s letter is not required. The Selection Committee will review your whole application and will notify you via ERAS “Program Messages” via the ERAS (AAMC)/Thalamus scheduler if you are selected for an interview. Per national recommendations, all interviews this season will be virtual and will run from October 2023 through January 2024. We will begin offering interview invites later in the afternoon on Tuesday, October 10, 2023.

We interview less than 1% of the international medical graduates that apply to Rush Pediatrics. Applicants to program should be an expected 2024 graduate.

If you have any questions please email Mohammad Yassin, Program Coordinator.

For more information about the combined residency in internal medicine-pediatrics, please email the program coordinator.

Postal address:

Rush Pediatric Residency Program
at Rush University Children’s Hospital
1620 West Harrison St.
Suite 454 Pavilion Building
Chicago, IL 60612