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Curriculum Overview

Over the three year course of residency, besides a longitudinal outpatient RUSH Copley Family Medicine Center experience, residents will participate in clinical rotations and call. Each rotation is designed to allow for educational development in accordance with the ACGME and the American Board of Family Medicine (ABFM) requirements for certification. All clinical rotations provide a structured, comprehensive experience with appropriate supervision, yet allow residents to take increasing responsibility in decision making and management of patients. This approach reinforces the development of competent technical and clinical skills.

A significant portion of the resident experiences take place within the RUSH Copley Medical Center campus in Aurora, Illinois. The majority of 1st year rotations occur within the inpatient setting with an increase in number of outpatient rotations as residency progresses. The residency uses a block system to schedule rotations. There are thirteen four-week blocks per academic year. While the most rotations are four (4) weeks in duration, there are a few rotations that are only two (2) weeks long.

Residents follow their own panel of patients in the Family Medicine Center with the amount of time in clinic increasing over the course of training. All patients cared for by residents are done under the supervision of faculty members; however, the patients’ primary care physician is the resident. Emphasis is placed on caring for undifferentiated medical conditions, chronic disease management, and preventive medicine for patients of all ages. In addition to the clinical rotations, our residents participate in several longitudinal curriculum centered within the Family Medicine Center focused on practice management, team-based care, quality improvement, and population and community health.

RUSH Copley Family Medicine Residency Rotation Schedule

1st Year Rotations

Inpatient Medicine - 3 blocks

Inpatient Night Float - 2 blocks

Pediatrics/Nursery - 2 blocks

Obstetrics - 1 block

Surgery - 1 block

Inpatient Cardiology - 1 block

MSK - 1 block

Nephrology - ½ block

Neurology - ½ block

Ambulatory Peds - 1 block

2nd Year Rotations

Inpatient Medicine - 2 blocks

Inpatient Night Float - 2½ block

Addiction Medicine - ½ block

Ambulatory Peds - 1 block

Emergency Medicine - 1 block

Intensive Care Unit - 1 block

Management of Health Systems - ½ block

Urology – ½ block

Radiology - ½ block

Electives - 3 ½ blocks

3rd Year Rotations

Inpatient Medicine - 1 block

Inpatient Night Float - 2 blocks

Pediatrics/Nursery - 1 block

Ambulatory Pediatrics - 1 block

Dermatology - 1 block

Geriatrics/Hospice - 1 block

Gynecology - 1 block

Outpatient Cardiology - 1 block

Mental Health - 1 block

Urgent Care - 1 block

Electives - 2 blocks