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COVID-19 Resources

NEW  Working Remotely: Micro-Learnings

Staying Motivated during Crisis (8:24 minutes Rush CILL video)

Essentialism and Crisis Leadership (4:25 minutes Rush CILL video)

Emotional Intelligence and Crisis (5:48 minutes Rush CILL video)

Whole-Brain Leadership (5:10 minutes Rush CILL video)

Leadership Essentials: Understanding Empathy (5:11 minutes Rush CILL video)

Managing through Crisis - Part 2: Reentry Lessons from the Past (5:47 minutes Rush CILL video)

Managing through Crisis - Part 1  (4:32 minutes Rush CILL video)

Virtual Meetings--How to Combat Zoom Fatigue (6:24 minutes Rush CILL video)

Virtual Presentation Basics (11:28 minutes Rush CILL video)

Leading Virtual Meetings - Essential Skills and Best Practices (5:55 minutes Rush CILL video)

Work From Home - Part 2: Managers (6:57 minutes Rush CILL video)

Work From Home - Part 1: Individuals (9:31 minutes Rush CILL video)

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COVID-19 Clinical and Self-Care Resources

Clinical Resources

NEW Hurricane COVID and Lessons (Re)Learned - Presented by Ngozi O. Ezike (Available for AMA, CNE, CE Credit)

ID Grand Rounds: COVID-19 Vaccine Studies (Available for AMA and CNE Credit)

Medicine Grand Rounds: Whose Lives are Most Valued: Choices Made for Care of COVID-19 Patients in Chicago (Available for AMA and CNE Credit)

Unique Challenges in Lung Transplant and COVID-19 (Available for AMA and CNE Credit)

“Tales From the Trenches” has Rush clinicians addressing some of the many unanswered questions that force clinicians and cancer patients to adapt to the current environment.

The Lancet is offering free access to its peer-reviewed COVID-19 resources.

The American Medical Association provides a resource center for physicians.

The American Nurses Association provides guidelines and resources for nurses.

Tools and resources for Physician Assistants are provided by the American Academy of PA’s.

Updated information for the public and health professionals can be obtained from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Self-Care Resources

Working From Home: 5 Environmental Factors Affecting Your Well-Being (Resource from Perdue University Global)

How COVID-19 and Quarantine Can Impact Your Mental Health (External Link)

How Health Care Workers can Take Care of Themselves (Harvard Business Review article)

Research-Based Benefits of Happiness (Positive Psychology research article)

Happiness-Health Connection (Harvard Medical School article)

How to Handle the Pressure (Harvard Business Review article)

Tips for How to Combat Zoom Fatigue (Harvard Business Review article)

Coping with Coronavirus Anxiety (Rush University Children's Hospital PP)

Guide to Managing Worry and Anxiety Amidst Global Uncertainty (PDF document)

COVID-19 and Grief (Harvard Business Review article)

Power of Physician Self-Care - AAFP Journal (PDF document)

Rush Wellness Resource Guide (PDF document)

Navigating Emotions During COVID-19 (Rush online resource)

Warding Off Social Isolation: COVID-19 and Beyond (Harvard Business Review interview)

COVID-19 Anxiety: Expert Tips (Anxiety and Depression Association of America online resource)

Taking Care during Outbreaks (American Psychiatric Association online resource)

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Managing Remotely

Five Essential Skills for Running Virtual Meetings (Harvard Business Review article)

How to Transition Your Team to Remote Work. (63:00 minutes online training)

Rush Guide to Running Successful WebEx Meetings (PDF document) 

How to Manage Remote Direct Reports (Harvard Business Review article)

Building Trust on Virtual Teams (3:06 minutes Harvard Business Review video)

Managing through Crisis (30:05 minutes Harvard Business Review video)

Leadership Challenges in True Crisis Events (23:00 minutes Harvard Business Review video)

4 Critical Crisis Leadership Behaviors (Harvard Business Review article)

How to Lead through COVID-19 (PDF document)

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Working Remotely

Rush Guide to Working Remote (PDF document)

Interactive Guide for Working Remotely (working & managing remotely)

Presenting Online with Empathy (59:07 minutes online training)

3 C’s of Effective Virtual Communication (1:39 minutes online training)

Stretching to Counteract Sitting (online article)

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Best Practices for Designing Online Learning

Essential Elements of Multimedia Learning (4:30 minutes online training)

Series of Brief videos from Wisc-Online illustrating core principles of Mayer’s Multimedia Learning Theory in action.
Design Principles-Introduction (2:59 minutes)
Multimedia Learning (3:24 minutes)
Mayer’s Signaling Principle (3:48 minutes)
Mayer’s Coherence Principle (2:34 minutes)
Mayer’s Redundancy Principle (2:58 minutes)
Mayer’s Contiguity Principle (3:04 minutes)

Principles of Effective Multimedia Design (9:02 minutes online training)

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