Welcome from our Program Director

Amir Dorafshar
Amir H. Dorafshar, MBChB, FACS, FAAP
Division Chief, Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery
Program Director, Integrated Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery Residency

Welcome to the Division of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery at Rush University Medical Center! I am delighted to be able to introduce a new Integrated Plastic Surgery Residency Program that we have been approved to start by the ACGME. The Plastic Surgery Residency Program at Rush is one of the oldest residency programs in the city and has been traditionally an independent pathway, with most entering plastic surgery applicants having completed at least 5 years of General Surgery. This year, we will be entering the NRMP Match process to fill an integrated residency position starting July 2020. The position will be an ACGME approved combined Rush University Medical Center and Cook County Hospital integrated Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery Residency program.

From the first year of residency, residents will have the opportunity to rotate through plastic surgery specific rotations both at Rush University Medical Center and at Cook County Hospital. Residents in their first three years will be exposed to a solid foundation of core surgery and surgical subspecialties required to be eligible for the American Board of Plastic Surgery. Residents will be required to take a research year between their third and fourth years of residency. Residents will then return to an apprenticeship type model in their senior years where they will be exposed to a wide variety of complex reconstructive and aesthetic surgery. Applicants who have completed medical school in the United States or are ECFMG certified are encouraged to apply.