Verification Request

Resident and fellow verification request

Listed below are the Rush University Medical Center residency and fellowship program personnel responsible for verification of credentials. You may email/fax them your request for verification.

RUMC verification contacts

Program Name Fee Fax #
Addiction Medicine Fellowship Vicki Nelson    
Adult Reconstructive/Joint Replacement (Ortho) Fellowship Victoria Needham    
Allergy/Immunology Fellowship Grace Li    
Anesthesiology Residency Alexandra Bernal $50 custom form (312) 942-8858
Body Imaging & Musculoskeletal Radiology Fellowship Tiffany T. Rodgers $75 custom form (312) 942-7244
Cardiovascular Diseases Fellowship Elizabeth Ruiz   (312) 942-5829
Cardiovascular Thoracic Surgery Residency Laura Witt   (312) 563-2157
Child and Adolescent Psychiatry Fellowship Vicki Nelson    
Clinical Cardiac Electrophysiology Fellowship Elizabeth Ruiz   (312) 942-5829
Consultation-Liaison Psychiatry Fellowship Angela Banda    
Cytopathology Fellowship Irma Parker    
Dermatology Residency      
Diagnostic Radiology Residency Lakesha Hudson   (312) 942-8180
Endocrinology, Diabetes & Metabolism Fellowship Lucia Freeman   (312) 864-9734
Endovascular Neurosurgery Fellowship Keisha Simpson-Goah    
Epilepsy Fellowship Stacy Ramkissoon-Udit    
Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery (Oto) Fellowship Sofia Gardanova    
Family Medicine Rush-Copley Residency Penny Kirchner   (630) 375-2812
Foot & Ankle Surgery (Ortho) Fellowship Carla Candos $35 custom form
$50 with notary/seal
(312) 942-2040
Gastroenterology & Hepatology Fellowship Carmen Ramirez   (312) 563-3883
General Surgery Residency Davena Moore

$50 custom form
$100 with notary/seal

Geriatric Medicine Fellowship Christine Roman   (312) 942-8399
Hand Surgery (Ortho) Fellowship Janeth Munoz $35 custom form
$50 with notary/seal
(312) 942-2040
Hematology-Oncology Fellowship Emelina Quintana $75 custom form (312) 563-4144
Infectious Diseases Fellowship Wendy Shulman    
Integrated Interventional Radiology Fellowship Tiffany T. Rodgers $75 custom form (312) 942-7244
Internal Medicine Residency Maggie Topps $75 custom form  
Interventional Cardiology Fellowship Elizabeth Ruiz   (312) 942-5829
Medicine/Pediatrics Residency Sara London    
Movement Disorders Fellowship Lisa Franklin   (312) 563-2024
Neonatal-Perinatal Fellowship Francetta Hampton    
Nephrology Fellowship Sylvia Haymer   (312) 850-8431
Neurocritical Care Fellowship Stacy Ramkissoon-Udit   (312) 942-0729
Neuroimmunology Fellowship Caitlin Yurko    
Neurology Residency Janet Lopez   (312) 942-4500
Neurophysiology (Clinical) Fellowship Stacy Ramkissoon-Udit   (312) 942-2380
Neuroradiology Fellowship Tiffany T. Rodgers $75 custom form (312) 942-7244
Neurorhinology and Advanced Rhinology Fellowship Sofia Gardanova    
Neurosurgery Residency Keisha Simpson-Goah    
Nuclear Medicine Residency Tiffany T. Rodgers $75 custom form (312) 942-7244
Obstetrics & Gynecology Residency Lisa Enrico    
Ophthalmology Residency Sharee Walker-Knox    
Orthopaedic Surgery Residency Adriana Ohl $35 custom form
$50 with notary/seal
(312) 942-2040
Otolaryngology Residency Sofia Gardanova    
Pain Medicine Fellowship Alexandra Bernal $50 custom form (312) 942-8858
Palliative Medicine (Stroger) Fellowship Monica Rubio   (312) 864-9591
Pathology Residency Irma Parker    
Pediatric Cardiology Fellowship Francetta Hampton    
Pediatrics Residency Molly Rose Elkins-Ryan    
Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation Residency Keith Williams    

Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery Fellowship and
Integrated Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery Residency

Rebecca Fessler   (312) 563-2514
Podiatric Surgery Residency Vito Favia    
Primary Care Sports Medicine Fellowship Phyllis Velez $35 custom form
$50 with notary/seal
(312) 942-2040
Psychiatry Residency Randie Salerno   (312) 942-3186
Psychology (Behavioral Sciences) Residency Megan Hood, PhD   (312) 942-4990
Pulmonary & Critical Care Medicine Fellowship Laura Witt   (312) 563-2157
Radiation Oncology Residency Christopher Gualano   (312) 942-2894
Regional Pain Anesthesiology Fellowship  Alexandra Bernal $50 custom form (312) 942-8858
Rheumatology Fellowship Chris Alonzo   (312) 563-2267
Shoulder & Elbow Surgery (Ortho) Fellowship Vanessa Marquez $35 custom form
$50 with notary/seal
(312) 942-2040
Sleep Medicine Fellowship Chad Ouankeo-Ratsamy   (312) 942-8961
Spine Surgery (Ortho) Fellowship Adriana Ohl   (312) 942-2040
Spine (Neurosurgery) Fellowship Keisha Simpson-Goah    
Sports Medicine Fellowship Janeth Munoz $35 custom form
$50 with notary/seal
(312) 942-2040
Stroger-Rush Primary Care Residency Monica Rubio   (312) 864-9591
Transplant Hepatology Shirley Holloway    
Urology Residency Michele Odierno    
Vascular Neurology Fellowship TJ Ture    
Vascular Surgery Fellowship Brittany Redmond   (312) 563-4388
Vascular/Interventional Radiology Fellowship Tiffany T. Rodgers $75 custom form (312) 942-7244
Vitreo-Retinal Surgery Fellowship Jennifer Puente   (708) 596-9820