Meet Our Fellows

Lisset DiazLisset J Diaz, DO

Hometown: Tampa, FL;   Residency: KCUMG-GME Consortium, Joplin, MO;   What Drew You to Rush:  After many years away from Chicago I knew I wanted to come back to this great city.  I chose Rush because of its diverse population, great faculty, and various clinic available.   I felt that Rush would give me an all around education that is needed in the challenging field of child and adolescent psychiatry.



Tarek HassaballaTarek Hassaballa, MD
Hometown: Carol Stream, IL;  Residency: University of Missouri, Columbia, MO;   What Drew You to Rush: The people. From having dinner with the fellows to meeting everyone on  interview day, the people at Rush were GENUINELY caring.  It’s a blessing.  
Saveera Sidhu, MD
Hometown: Brampton, ON;  Residency: Griffin Memorial Hospital, Norman OK;  What Drew You to Rush: I was drawn to Rush because of the diverse patient population and have been happy to have patients from a variety of different races, family structures and socieconomic backgrounds. I have found the attending at Rush to be very approachable, and willing to step into a mentorship role.                         
Meagan MaasMeagan E. Maas, MD, MPH 
Hometown: Grand Rapids, MI;  Residency:  Western Michigan University Homer Stryker School of Medicine; What Drew You to Rush: I was drawn to Rush for Child and Adolescent Psychiatry for the strong mentorship by faculty. With Child and Adolescent Psychiatry, you are able to intervene early and form lasting relationships with families. The team of Child and Adolescent psychiatrists at Rush are dedicated to fostering that relationship with patients and ensuring families are linked to community resources, which also attracted me to the program due to my public health background. It was evident from day one that this program goes above and beyond to ensure the mental health needs of the community are met. 
Mariyah HussainMariyah Z. Hussain, MD [Chief Fellow]
Hometown: Dhahran, Saudi Arabia; Residency:  Southern Illinois University School of Medicine; What Drew You to Rush: I had many reasons to choose Rush; some before I interviewed here and more so after my interview. On my interview trail, Rush was the only program where attendings attended the pre-interview dinner, which was quite impressive, and spoke about its welcoming faculty who work closely with their fellows. Our program director is very approachable, a huge advocate for children’s mental health, and takes great interest in our development as a child psychiatrist. Rush offers exposure to a culturally diverse child and adolescent patient population in a wide array of settings, including being in the community and at a residential program where we can work closely with this population. The AARTS center at Rush is an excellent resource for children, adolescents, and adults with Autism and is one of the many strengths of the program. One month into the program and my class was trained with ADI-R and ADOS, which was pretty cool!  Didactics along with UIC is a bonus. Chicago is a wonderful place to be at- full of amazing food and lots of activities to enjoy! Our program is small and well-knit where the fellows work together to make it easy for each other. There’s a reasonable work-life balance, which I was also looking for. To wrap up, I’ve been very happy with the decision I have made to train at Rush. 
Karamjit SinghKaramjit Singh, MD
Hometown: Amloh, India; Residency: LSU Health Science Center, Shreveport, LA; What Drew You to Rush: Rush Child  & Adolescent Psychiatry programs offers variety of experience through its different outpatient clinics, where you see different dynamics of patients with their family. It also offers co-join didactics with UIC-College of Medicine which is a PLUS in every category. The staff and the fellows are a big family that works together.