Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

The Rush University General Surgery Residency Program stands in solidarity with the Black Lives Matter movement. The systematic racism experienced by Black Americans must be addressed with intention to combat the structure that has allowed racial inequities to persist. We pledge to disrupt the cycle of racism in the many forms it takes including complicit silence, implicit bias, inaction by those in power and systemic discrimination.
As a residency we strive to provide the best care to our patients and the best education to our residents. Integral to this goal is the intention to build a practice that meets the needs of our community, which includes the Black Community. Racism is a social determinant of health and will be recognized as such in our clinical practice, our resident education and our department culture.
To practice medicine without recognizing the effects of systemic racism would be negligent. We are responsible for recognizing the implications of our actions and the actions of the health care system at large.
We must raise our voices and our collective effort to declare that Black Lives Matter.


Diversity & Inclusion in Surgery Committee
Diversity Officer
Dr. Rosalinda Alvarado
“Diversity in surgery is important because our patients are diverse. Having a diverse workforce helps us relate to and understand all of our patients and care for them with cultural competence and compassion.”

Mission Statement

Our committee is composed of faculty and residents and our goal is to promote diversity and inclusion of those underrepresented in surgery through facilitating resident and departmental education, community outreach, recruitment and engaging with medical students. Additionally, we seek to recruit and retain diverse residents, to treat the patient population we serve and to empower and mentor the Underrepresented in Medicine (URIM) members of the Department of Surgery.   

Upcoming Events
Diversity Grand Rounds - November 3rd, 2022
Estell Williams, MD & Edwin Lindo, JD
Estell Williams, M.D., is a board-certified general surgeon, and Assistant Professor of Surgery at UW School of Medicine. Edwin Lindo, JD is a Critical Race Theory Scholar that asks and explores the difficult questions of Race & Racism within the institutions of Medicine and Law
Annual Diversity Symposium - June 15th 2022
Dr. Quinn Capers - UT Southwestern
Dr. Capers is an interventional cardiologist, professor of medicine, and transformational leader in academic medicine. He has been widely decorated as an educator, clinician, and champion of diversity enhancement in medicine.