Online and Blended Learning

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Teaching Online and Blended Courses at Rush

At Rush University, the quality of the learning experience matters for all of our students, including the students who learn from a distance. In 2018, Rush University approved the use of Rush Standards for Online Course Design and Rush Standards for Online Teaching. 

Training for online teaching

All faculty members who teach at Rush should be trained in online teaching. We offer a free, completely online, 5-week training class for faculty. It is a highly rated course that faculty enjoy! You learn about teaching as well as how to design and teach a high quality online class. The upcoming course or courses are listed on the main CTEI landing page (the front page of this website). The dates are linked to a form to sign up.


The Center for Teaching Excellence and Innovation supports all faculty at Rush University. If you would like to inquire about ways to improve your online or blended course, or just wish to get another perspective, reach out to our instructional design staff through
Rush University Standards for Online Learning

The Rush Standards.

  • Having standards for online learning is a requirement for all quality courses and programs.
  • We have two standards at Rush University. These forms can be downloaded by clicking on the links.  
    Online Course Design and Online Teaching.
  • The standards began as a recommendation from the intercollegiate Online Taskforce.
  • A committee was developed to create the Rush University Standards that included representation from all four colleges as well as CTEI and library staff.
  • The Standards have been approved by the University Curriculum Committee and University Council.
  • Faculty members who develop new or revise existing online courses should use these standards during development.
  • Faculty members should complete a course design self-evaluation of their online course(s) before the course begins.
  • Faculty members should complete a teaching self-evaluation of their online course after the course ends.
  • Completed forms will be sent to the CTEI email box and an instructional designer will be assigned to work with you.
  • Have questions? We have a Frequently Asked Questions document related to the Standards.
Training and Templates

Training for online teaching

Watch this short video that introduces the class. Note, the link to the form in the video is not clickable; find those links below.

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  • Each semester the CTEI offers a 5-week, fully online class called Online Teaching and Course Design to prepare faculty for online teaching at Rush University.
  • The course is appropriate for those who teach blended courses too, since the skill set is similar.
  • The course is asynchronous, which means that there are no on-campus meetings and no required times to be online.
  • However, the course does require you to participate every week, throughout the week.
  • There are practical assignments and activities that lead to course completion.
  • The course focuses on the skills needed to design and teach a high quality online class, including how to use the learning management system (Canvas).
  • Visit our CTEI homepage for the next offering of the Online Teaching and Course Design. 

Did you know we have an online course template?

  • The CTEI created a Canvas template for anyone who wishes to use it to drastically cut down on the time it takes to design a high quality course.
  • Here’s a video overview of the online course template.
  • If you would like to have the course template copied to your Canvas course, please email and include your Canvas username in your email and your course ID and course name.